Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home and Home Again

We are home again, in tact and in possession of a plastic shopping cart, set of play dishes, book about lost ladybugs, and many other new toys for all ages. It was wonderful to spend Christmas with my family and so funny to think that the last time I spent Christmas up at our lake house I was 7 weeks pregnant with the little guy now seen drag racing his shopping cart.

We left on Wednesday morning, somehow managing to fit all of our family members (minus Lilly, her Christmas gift was three days in the house without the dogs) and all our stuff in JP's 4Runner. Landon spent the first 30 minutes of the drive staring out the window, another 20 minutes loudly protesting his restricted mobility, and the last 2 hours fast asleep. Tex, however, was not so restful and kept popping his head up to ask if we were there yet.

We did our usual fancy Christmas Eve dinner at home, followed by church service, and then the hour long drive up to the lake house. Landon was quickly put to bed and the grown-ups commenced with the cookie eating, wine drinking, and present opening (we always open all our presents on Christmas Eve). JP was thrilled with the Robin Williams stand-up tour tickets I got him (so excited about that) and I realized I was really an adult when I got all excited over my red Williams Sonoma mixing bowls.

Christmas morning was foggy and grey, but warm enough to be outside- a very good thing with four labs and a toddler. Santa came very late since my younger siblings thought any time before noon was cruelly early to get up (yeah, cry me a river)- Landon actually found his shopping cart while exploring Santa's workshop (my parent's bedroom) and didn't have to wait until the big reveal! He spent much of the day demanding cookies and dum dums (this happens automatically when you're in grandma's house), playing with his new dishes, and going on missions around the lake lot.

My grandparents drove over from San Antonio and we had a great time relaxing with them and eating more cookies. We played a rousing game of Double Deck Canceling Hearts after dinner and then JP and I went to bed only to be awoken every 30 minutes by a very uncomfortable and fussy Landon. Merry Christmas! I'm now terrified of having another child- I forgot how debilitating it is to be forced awake 30 seconds after you've finally fallen asleep again.

We headed back to my parent's real house, the one I grew up in, on Friday afternoon and they watched Landon so JP and I could go get some Mexican food and drink margaritas. After rushing through too many meals with our ticking time bomb of a toddler, it was quite nice to linger. We drove back to Austin this morning and right around La Grange Landon noticed for the first time that there was a dog in his car!

There were actually two of course, but Rosie falls asleep immediately when the car starts moving and wakes up again when it turns off. Landon should really try to learn something from her.

All in all it was a great trip, and the best part is that Christmas isn't even over! We couldn't fit our gifts for Landon in the car (and didn't try very hard given his age and limited ability to focus), so Santa is making a special second trip to the Lag Liv house. What a lucky little guy- I can't wait to get pictures of him with his train table and trains in the morning!


  1. When you said that you rushed through meals with a ticking time bomb you basically summed up our whole Christmas experience! I was nervous everytime we went to visit someone wondering when Jacob would go off! :)

    Landon is a lucky little guy! Your holidays sounded wonderful :)

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I can't help thinking about Landon in his adorable little Santa outfit last year. How the time flies!

  3. Ahaha, those red mixing bowls. I have those too! They don't actually look as Georgia O'Keefe as they do on the website. :>

    Too cute. Love the car photo. I'm surprised you were able to keep labradors that far back. Or is it just mine who thinks she's a lap dog?

    Sounds like a great Christmas!

  4. That picture of Landon sleeping in his carseat is hilarious. I love the total exhaustion and the old-man jowels that kids get when they sleep.

  5. Hi, LL. I'm a very long time lurker, but have never commented before. And I hate to delurk this way, but I am total car seat safety freak and wanted to tell you something after seeing the pictures in your post. The chest strap of Landon's car seat should be level with his armpits. When the chest strap sits low, if you were in accident his whole upper body could slip out. Do you see how his shoulder is slipped out a little in the "asleep" picture? Anyway, I'm sorry if this offends you in any way, but I just wanted to comment to help keep your precious boy as safe as possible.

    I enjoy reading your blog, and I hope your NYE and weekend plans (love the slumber party idea) go smoothly despite your work schedule trying to get in the way.

  6. Hello Anonymous! I appreciate the gentle nudge and actually I have already been made aware of the car seat infraction by another reader (an another first time commenter, something about those car seats gets people talking) and it has been corrected. Thanks for your concern and for reading!