Thursday, July 19, 2018

Non-Stop Swimming. Also Partying.

Our last weekend was insane. I'm only just now recovered. Except not really because we had an accidental pool party last night from 7-9 p.m. with about 35 people. It all started with a happy hour at our favorite local taco place that was offering $2 margaritas for the month of July. I hadn't taken advantage of it ONCE and felt strongly about fixing that, so I sent out a text to my mamas and they responded in force. It's 150 million degrees outside this week and my kids are sweating their way through golf camp and I drank my margarita in their honor. I had the second one at home because it was 8:30 p.m. and still 105 degrees outside. The impromptu swimming party was very fun and I spent today recovering from that.

So let's get back to the weekend!

It started with our Regional swim meet all day on Saturday. The boys were in the morning and left the house at 5:45 a.m. The girls compete in the afternoon, so we slept in a bit and left the house at 8 to get cheer on our men. In between we got a delicious lunch and I got a burger as big as my head because I wasn't swimming at all.

Everyone did great. James won everything, as usual, and had QUITE a fan club going in the stands. No one around us knew I was his wife and I caught some pretty hilarious conversations, including some running commentary from an 18-year-old fan-girl who made all her friends come watch his races. Landon got all best times and ended up with two firsts and one second. He doesn't get beat often, so I liked the competition. He'll go to state in the 50 free, 100 IM, and 25 fly. Claire was her usual erratic and speedy self, dropping some time and adding in others, but winning her first-ever Regional race in the 25 breaststroke and making state in the 25 free too! This will be her first state meet. And Cora rocked her 25 free and back without any stress or protests, remained the youngest swimmer in the meet, and even beat a few competitors in both her events.

It was a long, hot day and both girls passed out in my car before we even pulled out of the parking lot. We drove directly to a favorite Mexican place in Fort Worth and managed to order our round of margaritas 3 minutes before happy hour ended. A good day for all!

That night James and I forced ourselves to prep for Landon's birthday in the morning. We did our usual sweet hodgepodge of table decorations and wrapped his gifts.

I cannot BELIEVE he is 11.

He and James went out to get the traditional donuts. The birthday song was sung and the birthday candle-animals blown out. Cards and gifts were opened from my parents, grandparents, and us. He always takes time to read the cards and points out that it was so nice for that person to pick out that one just for him. He was THRILLED to open his fit bit from my grandparents (they're so hip ;). He loved his Under Armor duffel bag from us and then loved it even more when he realized his new Under Armor uniform polo shirts were inside. He had requested them as his only present from us (they're pricey!), but it was so practical I threw in the bag from Ross ("mom now I can pack for all our vacations by MYSELF!") and the Heely's he'd wanted for YEARS. He's easy to please and we like doing it.

My parents added an Amazon gift card to the bean bag chair they already got him so he could buy a few books to read in it. He agonized over their selectino but ended up with a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The River (the 2nd book in the Hatchet series which he loved and didn't realize was a series), and the Young Reader's edition of Flags of our Fathers. I'd say that list captures him pretty perfectly.

Presents opened, I ran to the grocery store while everyone else cleaned up, and then we headed to a water park for Cora's school summer party!

It was hot and sunny, but we got there the minute it opened at 11 a.m. and had SO much fun. I love a good water park.

It was just the right size for some big fun slides to keep the big kids busy (and our crazy daredevil water-fish-toddler) while not making me feel like we had to stay with them every second.

Not that Cora ever let us rest; we rode in double tubes with her pretty much non-stop until my legs couldn't climb all the stairs anymore.

And then I left to teach my barre class. James and the kids stayed for another hour or so, while I spent 8 minutes trying to finangle my skintight leggings over my chlorine and sunscreen covered legs. But it was a GREAT class and it did feel good to make myself move and sweat in a new way than I'd already managed that morning.

Then I raced home because we were hosting Landon's birthday pool party at our house in one hour! It's the Sunday that NEVER STOPS NEVER STOPPING.

It was a blast though. Landon took his party theme very seriously and spent quite a while in the party aisle selecting his decor. He settled on a pineapple wearing sunglasses and then picked out table cloths, napkins, utensils, and favors to coordinate. It was all very him.

He invited 7 boys and 4 girls, 10 of whom were able to make it (so rare for a summer party!). We planned our menu of Landon's favorite things (watermelon, pizza, brownies, and these disgusting Taki chips he ADORES and I refuse to buy because they are more radioactively orange than even spicy cheetos and I can't handle it), and, having learned my lesson from last year, I bribed two friends to stay over and drink margaritas and lend moral support and picture-taking angles.

There was general pool time full of chaos and laughter.

Then some relay races and games, which I directed and the kids took VERY SERIOUSLY.

This is my demonstration of how to swim while holding a cup on your head. It's very technical. Don't try this at home.

There was duck-duck-goose with a sponge called drip-drip-drench that was a HUGE hit and resulted in some adorable flirting/non-flirting interactions. When emotionally stable, tweens are the BEST.

Landon felt strongly about the neon sunglass party favors. Pictures were taken.

The girls were photo-bombed.

I wiped neon-orange Taki dust off my baby boy's mouth.

Landon's "cake" was a double layer brownie with double-stuff oreo cookies in the middle. Because why not.

He took a huge inhale to blow out his two candles...

and then choked on the powdered sugar topping.

It was a great afternoon.

Siblings of the party-goers came over after to swim some more before bed and then sometime around 7:30 it was back to just our pack and James and I were laying across the two parts of our sectional couch while Landon opened his gifts on the floor and we tried to stay conscious until we could put them all to bed. We both gave Landon goodnight kisses while he thanked us for the party and his presents and pondered all the treasures he could buy with his birthday gift cards. He's already written his thank you notes.

He is such a sweet kid. We are so lucky. I can't believe he's 11.

Happy Birthday baby boy, we love you so.


  1. Love that last photo and your description of Landon. Such a great kid!

    1. Thanks- I love that picture too!

  2. Oh mah gawwwwd! That last picture! Why am I crying over a picture of a kid that I only know from the internet?! I often read this blog and think, "LL's so cool, I wouldn't be that cool of a mom." But then you go and wipe takis dust off your 11 year old's mouth in front of his tween friends and I think, "Nope. I can do that too." I sincerely hope that goes in some graduation/wedding slideshow in the future.

    1. Aw thanks! And the "LL is so cool" cracked me up because that is something I'm not sure I've ever been called before but I'm honored and will totally recall this comment in times of uncoolness in the future ;). (And I LOVE the Taki dust picture; I'd actually already wiped his mouth but then my friend told me to do it again so she could snap a picture because she was cracking up and saying the same thing about future slide shows!)