Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Grands

Even in a hotel room, alone and 3.5 hours away from James and the kids, I end up blogging at 11:30 p.m. It's just when the words come. Also, I don't sleep in hotels so I might as well use the time productively. I'm here in San Antonio for a work thing Monday morning and used the opportunity to fly out earlier in the day today to get to see all four of my grandparents! My heart is so full.

I haven't been doing as well on the updates, but my Grandpa Glenn was flown home to San Antonio about 10 days ago after many weeks in cardiac ICU and cardiac rehab in Minneapolis. He went straight to the healthcare section of their retirement community- home, but not quite, but still very thankful to be 1300 miles closer. He went back into the hospital late last week when he was having difficulty breathing. After 1 liter of fluid was removed from his lungs he is feeling MUCH better and was told he would be discharged today, making it the perfect day for me to arrive. I got to help him and my grandma get out of the hospital and get home, but first, I got to cry when I walked in his hospital room and heard him joyfully exclaim my name.

After spending 2 days by his side while he remained unconscious in Minneapolis, it was very powerful to hear his voice- his real voice, a little weaker, a little breathier, but full of his love and exuberance all the same. To hear his whispered "you are so special honey," as we hugged and just to feel his love. It's such a force; he's such a force, and it is such a striking contrast from his inert ICU days.

And then, even better, he was told he could be discharged to his apartment, not healthcare; no longer "home," but HOME. I swear he jumped ahead a few weeks in his recovery just by walking in the door. I am so, so glad I got to be part of their homecoming. I got them settled and left them sitting in their chairs simply beaming, my grandpa back in his clothes in his apartment, wearing his wedding ring and watch again, knowing he'd get to go to bed next to his Mary for the first time in far too long. And my grandma, so thrilled to have her boyfriend back in their home, to get to sing "You Are My Sunshine" to him in their bed as they wake up in the morning instead of as a goodnight tradition in the hospital. They are so happy. I walked out knowing they'd be sitting there smiling at each other for at least another hour or so. My grandpa still has a ways to go in his recovery, but oh how far he has come and how lucky we are to have him with us.

After I left my grandparents to their smiles, I got to take the elevator down 6 floors to my other grandparents to enjoy a perfectly timed glass of wine! It was so wonderful to see them. I feel like my Grandpa Glenn's experience this summer has just made us all happier to be here, wherever, together. I went with them to eat in the downstairs dining room and we enjoyed such a lovely meal (with surprisingly good french fries, because of course I ordered some) and stories and laughs and conversation- and my grandpa's snazzy paisley blazer. It was a really really nice night.

The last weeks have been a lot for my family- I cannot believe the first photo in my September photo is my mom and I standing in the drywall covered wreckage of their flooded house, but we are so lucky to all have each other, and I’m so thrilled to have been able to spend today making a few new memories with all four of my grandparents.

~ ~ ~

And now, catching up backwards, few snapshots from earlier in the week- Landon had a sleepover party Friday night, so I abandoned all reason and meal planning and went to R Taco yet again with James and the girls.

We got to order 4 fewer tacos (Landon is getting expensive, though not nearly so much as his dad who ordered NINE; for comparison, I get 2) and our first round of margaritas were made wrong (i.e., not frozen), so they gave us another and told us to keep the first. All in all, I felt like I was winning at tacos.

We had a flyer from a new bakery in town that Friday would be free slice night, and never ones to turn down free sugar, even after margaritas and queso, we headed over to try them out.

And omg, I didn't realize SusieCakes was a pretty big chain, but wowza, they make a good slice of cake. The cookie and trick-or-treat bar were solid, but the cake slices were exceptional.

As was the weather and the company.

Claire requested a picture "just by herself" and I was happy to oblige. She is such a delight right now. Landon is occasionally waylayed by big tween emotions and Cora just realized she's a toddler who is supposed to communicate displeasure by screaming and flopping about like a trout, but Claire, Claire remains her affectionate, enthusiastic, super sweet self and it's delightful.

I stopped in Gap for some returns on Saturday and found a bunch of super cute clothes for her on the clearance rack. I'm concerned about this particular Gap staying in business, but I'm in love with the fact I got this adorable dress for $5 and these shoes for $1.50. $1.50!!!

I also grabbed Cora this superhero set at the Target dollar spot and she hasn't gone anywhere without her star wrist guards and headband since Saturday morning. It's fabulous.

And Landon called me tonight to show me his water cycle project for school and make sure I'd seen Winston to say goodnight, so I'd say all the kids are doing well.

Our garage will be done someday (it is so different when the renovation is happening outside the house; sure our garage contents are freaking everywhere, including the inside of the house, and it rained for a million days and everything is wet, but it's not my kitchen and that makes it all very bearable), I bought us a new living room couch for $150 off our neighborhood buy/sell page and I love it, and my fall online shopping packages are rolling in and 50% of the items involve a Disney character. Summer is done, fall is (sort of) here, Disney is soon, and I got to see all my grandparents tonight. I feel like Winston when he's riding as co-pilot.

Life is good.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited to see a post with a happy, healthy, walking and talking Grandpa Glenn!!!

    Also, I like your 1:1 taco to marg ratio. That's a balanced dinner.

  2. flopping about like a fish! :D

    Good thing you have a good sense of humor!

  3. wow I had to answer 6 questions before I could post. Isn't that a little overkill? Half the photos are so small you can't see whether they contain palm trees or not

    1. That's a blogger thing, I can't control it or turn it off. I do know that if you create a google user name that links to an email address (even one you keep anonymous), you don't have to do the verification steps!

  4. Such great news about your grandparents. You look so happy with them!

  5. Please do an update on planning for your Disney trip!