Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday? Maybe?

Hello from the end of the longest week ever! The last time it was Friday it was at least 15 days ago. I mean, they were FUN days, but I'm pretty sure the stars looked different back then.

We'll pick back up where we left off, on what claims to be Tuesday afternoon but seriously could not have been this same week. We had cleaned the patio and backyard, stocked some coolers with ice and beverages, hung patriotic decor about the deck, and checked our crock pot pulled pork AGAIN to see if tripling the recipe without allowing for any extra cooking time was going to be a problem (oops).

The kids had rocked their local neighborhood parade- the big kids by enthusiastically riding in a float and Cora by dressing to the 9's and then refusing all attempts by anyone to give her candy. "I do not like candy." she repeated over and over to all merrymakers. They were now dressed in swimsuits, rash guards, and sunscreen and semi-patiently sitting on our front step waiting for their friends to arrive.

And arrive they did!

Many friends! Bearing food and beer and 0-3 children.

I was probably the only one not wearing a swimsuit (though I was wearing sunscreen!) because I found this super cute dress at Express 3 months ago, returned it when I decided I wouldn't wear it enough to justify the $80 (or even $50 on sale!) price tag, but then re-found on a random trip to the mall last week on clearance for $11!

And I had a $10 rewards credit, so it ended up costing less than the double doozie cookie I bought from Great American Cookie Company on the way out. Winning all over the place! And I changed into a patriotic swimsuit later for my first dip into the pool of 2017. I like the pool temp to feel like bath water before I dip a toe in.

James spent much of the party throwing children in the air.

I think that's what you do at parties if you don't day drink. He considered it good exercise until he forgot to lift with his legs and nearly broke himself flinging our 80 lb. almost-10-year-old into the air.

My friend Brooke wanted a picture to be in the blog. husband's photo-bombing hand wanted to be in here too.

Brooke accidentally bought an inflatable turtle at our local grocery store the other night and donated him to the party along with a brisket her husband smoked for a million hours overnight when I should have been cooking my pork.

Friends who smoke brisket and accidentally buy giant inflatable turtles are the best kind of friends.

We ended up having about 30 people come over, which made for a lot of splashing kids and a lot of tasty food. It was the perfect 4th of July day. A local parade followed by a party in my own yard followed by Landon sleeping over at a friend's (with a mom nice/brave enough to take the boys to go see the night's fireworks at 10:00) and Claire having a friend sleep over at ours. Cora was asleep before I'd even pulled out the trundle for Claire's friend- overhead light on, all of us chatting, Cora unconscious on the bed without covers or a kiss goodnight. That girl partied hard.

The big girls were asleep moments later. Easiest sleepover hosting gig ever.

Winston was a good boy during the party. He wanted to join the fun SO BADLY but he can't swim or get hot, so he's not great for a July pool party in Texas. Also he sometimes thinks the alligator float is eating Cora and he tries to save her from it.

We wondered if the fireworks going off that night would bother him, but...

they did not. Happy 4th everyone!

I went back to work on Wednesday and it was like the twilight zone. Over half the office was gone and I spent all day calling it Monday. My biggest accomplishment of the day was probably taking this beautiful portrait of Winston after I got home.

Regal and breathtaking- he looks ready to go to work.

I tried to get him to help me read testimony transcripts today, but he wasn't up for the job.

Luckily he's always up for some kisses. In fact, his kissing reflex makes it very hard to take selfies with him, which is really all I want to do at the end of the day.

Also on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday because who even knows anymore, Landon spent all evening curating a playlist for his upcoming tenth birthday party (TEN!). His first choice? "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Whaaaaa? After I verified that this was in fact the song he meant to ask for, he danced for us. Enthusiastically.

I asked how he knew that song and he said, "oh, dad plays that song in his car all the time." Then he requested "Despacito" which we all danced to on repeat until James got home and we had to stop listening to it. He can't tolerate a "repeat single song" quite like the rest of us can. Though when I put the (now very eclectic) playlist back on shuffle and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" came on, James's head popped up and he exclaimed, "I love this song!" I love when you get to learn something new about someone you've shared half your life with.

On to food- we've eaten a lot of it this week!

Monday: Asian Quinoa Salad (except I change like everything of course- same dressing, double quinoa, with the following vegetables: sliced snap peas, shelled edamame, shredded carrot, cabbage, red pepper, green onion, cilantro - so good!).
Tuesday: Pulled Pork, Glenda's Vermicelli Salad, S'more Bars.
Wednesday: Chicken Rollatini
Thursday: Leftover BBQ and party food
Friday: Pesto Gnocchi with Mozzarella and Tomato (boil up some gnocchi, mix with pesto, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella balls = delish! All 3 of my kids top 5 favorite meals, we eat it pretty much every Friday all summer).

And while this isn't a recipe, I feel it's important that you all know that the next new flavor of Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory will be FUNFETTI CHEESECAKE. We haven't been there in years, but it's back on the list. Even just go get a slice to-go. I mean, funfetti cheesecake you guys!!! What could be better?

Maybe I'll eat some to cope with the fact my tiny law school baby/study partner is hitting double-digits next week.

Can't hurt.


  1. Is it really possible that I've been reading your blog for 10 years?!? Landon is growing up to be such a handsome young man...he looks older than his years (or, his soon-to-be years). Here's to another 10 years of enjoying the peeks into your life via the blog!

    1. Thanks Jenn!! I can't believe I've been writing a blog for that long, but I'm so glad you're still here, along for the ride!

  2. that dog is the cutest:)

  3. It's weird how the "short" week with a holiday in the middle turned out to feel SO long. Same for me! Happy almost birthday to Landon!