Friday, March 24, 2017

Happenings and 20/20 Vision

You guys! I'm almost no longer sick!! I went back to the doctor on Monday and discovered I had a secondary respiratory infection along with the strep and my sinuses were full of cement so the steroid shot had lulled me into a false sense of sinal freedom but they couldn't give me another one and I just had to clear it out the old fashioned way with sudafed and tons of water. That was not the answer I wanted, but I dutifully went to the pharmacy to get my pseudoephedrine only to find out my driver's license is EXPIRED so I couldn't buy the damn medicine because I might make meth and start wearing a fedora. A prescription for Vicodin? No problem with my unknowingly expired license. But a few little red pills of sinus medicine? DENIED. Luckily James agreed to be my dealer after he left his nonprofit board meeting, so I was hooked up after a few hours, but still, at noon on Monday I was feeling sicker, could not get my medicine, and now I had the unfortunate knowledge that I needed to make a trip to the DMV. Bad day.

But after days of drinking a TON of water, downing sudafed every 4 hours, and continuing my antibiotic I am FINALLY feeling like a human being. My voice still sounds weird, I still have constant sinus drainage (oh yes, such an attractive phrase), and I still had fevers up until yesterday, but I have energy and an appetite and tonight I craved a margarita like nothing else. I'm also back to working out every day since Tuesday. Things are looking up.

Speaking of looking- I made up the eye appointment I was supposed to go to last Friday when I went to urgent care instead. It was time for a check-up and I needed more contacts. I only wear one in my left eye, so my yearly order lasts forever, but my supply had finally run out and my left eye was seeming a little blurry. I failed my initial eye test on that side, which seemed bad, only to pass it with flying colors when they had me take my contact out. Y'all-- after wearing glasses or contacts for TWENTY-ONE YEARS I now have 20/20 vision!! My left eye prescription had slowly been going down over the years and now it's nothing at all. The doctor said it isn't unheard of if you're nearsighted and it could get worse again down the line, but for now, I can clear out my cases and saline and pretend I got Lasik for free!

Also, almost free- this fabulous chair I bought of our neighborhood buy/sell page. I've been looking for a patterned accent chair for our living room for years, but they're always so expensive and we had a perfectly serviceable grey one already in place. But this one was $50 and it is perfect! I love it very much and it's super comfortable. Facebook buy/sell for the win!

Along with selling many of the things we uncovered in our spring cleaning, I got a bag of princess dresses on the page too! $10/each! Tiana and Snow White have now joined our family and Rapunzel has received a serious upgrade.

Cora is as delighted as you can imagine. We had movie night at school tonight and she rolled up like this.

Freaking adore that girl.

In other exciting and new things, I'm going to be teaching barre at a NEW studio starting on Monday!! A friend I taught with over a year ago called me out of the blue in January to ask if I was interested in additional teaching opportunities. It was quite a moment for me- after so many years of not exercising at all, and then years of the painful and powerful process of getting back in shape, and then two years of researching and experimenting and crafting new and creative barre classes week after week, and then pouring myself into class after class, I've become part of the fitness instructor community in our city! I really can't tell you how bizarre that is. And what an honor it is to be part of it.

The studio is a gorgeous new space-indoors and out, in a perfect location on my way home from work (literally, I drive past it every day), and has a schedule that works better for us right now. I'm going to be teaching Monday and Thursday evenings from 5-6 p.m. The nights the kids swim, I'll stop on my way home from work, teach, and be home a few minutes before they get back from the pool. Perfection.

back patio/yard

I'm super excited to up my teaching game to twice a week and bring barre to a new group of students. If you're local- the first week of classes are free, sign up through the website, purchase a single class, and use the promo code SNEAKPEEK. I'd love to see you there!

I've got sparkly new rainbow confetti pants on order for the grand opening!


  1. Congrats on 20/20 vision and the new teaching gig!! But explain the patio/yard picture. Is that your house or the yoga studio's? Either way it's gorgeous. I just didn't know why a yoga studio needed a yard and if it's yours it looks VERY different than I remember it.

    1. Ha, it's the studio's yard :). The (wealthy/well-connected) guy who built it wanted a super high-end gym for all his employees and friends to be able to use. He built in the studio for my friend to run group classes and then added the patio and yard for events, games, and general fun. Our studio also uses it for kids' yoga on the weekends and one of cardio interval classes. It's an incredible space!

  2. Congrats on the new teaching gig!

  3. I'm so jealous of the vision change! Do you know if there was anything that contributed to your vision getting better? I've seen that there are some exercises, etc. you can do, but I've always figured it's pointless :)

    1. I can't say how helpful the exercises might be, but I can tell you I hadn't done any of them! The doctor said that it sometimes happens in nearsighted people as they age, but it's by no means common. I've had glasses since 6th grade, so it was very surprising! I like carrots, but don't eat a ton of them, and I'm terrible about taking my vitamins (I lie to my mom about this on a regular basis; sorry mom), so I'm pretty sure this had nothing to do with me and everything to do with luck.