Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rainbows and Unicorns

Cora turns 2 on Thursday. I have thoughts and FEELINGS about this, but since none of my imaginary pagan sacrifices have slowed down her aging AT ALL, I decided to channel my energy into making a birthday party instead. I really love birthday parties.

My original plan was to keep it simple and let Cora do her two favorite things- color on furniture and eat pizza. Last year's rainbow theme seemed appropriate, and rainbow themes are my new favorite, so I stuck with that and added unicorns because I have recently developed a fondness for the noble imaginary creature and the tinyprints card above was too adorable to resist.

Then on Thursday afternoon I accidentally googled "unicorn party" on my phone and BAM. All these ideas exploded out! Next thing you know I'm downloading a template to make unicorn horns, hunting down Bugles to make a funfetti unicorn horn snack (I had to go to FOUR stores! Bugles have lost a lot of real estate in chip aisles), and getting weird looks from Children's Place employees when I ask for a dressing room to try on a sparkly rainbow unicorn t-shirt at 8:30 p.m. on a weeknight without any accompanying children.

But I love it- unicorns and rainbows! What could be better?

Except maybe a rainbow cookie decorating table. Cora, who stole a cookie while I was baking her cake in the kitchen, seemed to agree.

We still had Cora's coloring table (huge hit; I'm covering a table in paper on our next rainy day), and there was pizza, in addition to this ridiculously amazing Funfetti Bugle Mix, regular Bugles, aka Unicorn Horns (I had never had one; they are delicious), a veggie tray, and some rainbow candies. And champagne. And lemonade. And lots of rainbow colors.

Cora found this all to be super wonderful and decided birthdays were maybe the best.

Then our guests arrived- just four close family friends she knows well, sees often, and who have kids her age- and bam, she's clinging to my leg and crying if I manage pry her off and move more than 6 inches away. She just remembered that birthdays are actually the worst.

Pizza was served and she blissed out for a bit. Cora loves her some pizza.

More playing ensued, Cora allowed me to set her down from my now nearly broken arms, and everyone had fun- big kids playing outside, medium kids testing all the toys in the play room, tiny kids enjoying their open access to markers, and parents minimally supervising while drinking champagne.

Then it was time for cake. And the showdown began.

First, Cora decided my unicorn horn was freaking her out. I was quite attached to it and pretended not to understand.

Then, as I lifted her closer to the table, she seemed excited! Could cake avoid hurting our feelings this year?


Overcome with feelings (horror, betrayal, etc.), Cora took a TO.

She rallied and we approached with caution.

Then there was singing. Cora was not impressed.


A birthday cookie was given instead and Cora ate it while judging everyone who took a piece of my delicious delicious cake.

At least now we know she likes cookies. Cookie cake next year for round 3!

We opened presents. She got a 64-piece crayon set and did not let go of it for a very long time. Not even to open it. Don't try to open it for her. She'll cut you.

Everyone played more and we parents reluctantly parted when all of our youngest children made very clear they really needed their now very late naps. And as the last car drove away, Cora decided she'd had a fantastic time and birthdays are the best once again.

It really was a super fun afternoon. Happy almost birthday you cake-hating weirdo. We love you so much- rainbows and unicorns (and pizza and cookies) forever!

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  1. Awwww so cute! Also liked the crayon comment. Heehee. This girl knows what she likes.