Sunday, May 3, 2015

We Need to Tether our Cora

We had a completely wonderful weekend. Our last one before JP's summer pool duties begin and without a single kids' birthday party to attend, we were able to enjoy each other and the perfect weather all day every day. The weekend kicked off with Claire's last soccer practice (yes!) ending early (yesser!) and us going out for dinner at a favorite nearby restaurant that has giant $5 margaritas till 6 on Fridays. Giant margaritas I never get to enjoy because soccer practice always goes later than that, but this Friday we sat down at 5:58 and I ordered one immediately.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

The kids' won their final soccer games on Saturday morning (yay! again) and Claire got her first trophy, which pleased her endlessly, and both kids requested we sign up for soccer in the fall. I'm trying to remind myself that sports are good, I can't insist that everyone stay home after work just because I like it that way, blah blah, etc. Look at this face. She needs another trophy. She's sleeping with it right now.

Also on Saturday, we went to our last children's play in the Casa Manana children's series! The grand finale was Wizard of Oz and it was so, so good. Fantastic actors, set, songs, and seats. We've so enjoyed the plays and look forward to getting season tickets again next year.

Then this morning, Claire decided she wanted to take the training wheels off her bike.

I liked her confidence, so though it seemed a little young, we went for it.

A few falls later she decided, "um, I think I'll try again when I'm five," which seemed reasonable since it's only 30 days away (what?!), so we said sure, let's try again. Cora also tried a new wheeled conveyance, becoming the third captain of the Spiderman big wheel. I adore how Landon just naturally assumes the father-figure role.

The boys went off on their run/bike ride (7 miles!) and we girls took a more reasonable stroll around the neighborhood. Weekend yard work began, so I took my cue to run to the grocery store and came back to this scene. Curious, I rolled down my car window before pulling up the driveway and Claire yelled, "Mom, we made Cora a play room under the ladder! Because this is our pirate castle ship. And she's our pirate baby. Because we're PIRATES!"

The pirate baby took a break from whatever a pirate baby does to help JP mow the lawn. Except she mowed the street because she WILL NOT stay out of it. The street is her favorite place and I spend 88% of our outdoor time just keeping her off it (or, mostly, picking her up off it and relocating her to the yard because she moves faster than the speed of light no matter how closely I'm watching her).

Landon found a frisbee, so JP had to take a break from mowing to throw it. Cora tried mowing actual grass. It was so lovely.

While Cora napped the 3-hour nap of an exhausted street-runner, I tried a new workout: the Lagree Method which uses megaformer machines that are like giant glide-y boats that work your muscles and core in new and awesome ways. I really enjoyed it, if nothing else because it made me realize that barre has really whipped me into shape; and not just barre shape, shape shape. It was a great workout, but doing that even a year ago would have had me falling off the machine in a mass of quivering muscles after thirty minutes. Instead, I hopped off an hour later with muscles that felt invigorated and pleasantly used.

After I got home from that bit of fun, the kids finished their yard work chores with JP and decided they needed a dip in the pool. Unfortunately the water was freezing, so the only person who actually got in was Cora when she fell while splashing Claire's snorkel on the top step. I screamed (it's involuntary; even if you are inches away and already leaning forward to grab her, you scream when your baby falls in a pool), JP hopped in to get her, and I turned to grab a towel to snuggle and comfort her, but was our sweet little baby upset by her sudden dunking (and sinking!) into the cold pool? No. Of course not. She just raced back over to the edge of the pool and started waving around the snorkel again. L & C are pretty adventurous and brave; I'm concerned that Cora is way past that.

We enjoyed dinner inside and then the weather was so beautiful we spent the last hour before bed in PJ's playing in the front yard. JP and the kids made up a new form of four-square ("sidewalk square" we're trademarking it) and I tried to get a picture of the kids playing it, but mostly my pics show Cora racing off to the street over and over and OVER again.

(And again.)

We closed out with some tumbling practice, which Cora find mildly intriguing enough to stay still for thirty seconds. Then she was in the street again.

Our mascot needs a leash. Remember when she used to just sit in one place and smile? That was fun.

Though, secretly I must admit, so is this.


  1. Cora reminds me of that Jim Gaffigan bit about his toddler who was always trying to get out of their house. "What is your plan? Where are you going? YOU ONLY KNOW US." Hahahaha

    1. That just made me lol so hard I had to read it aloud to be coworkers. Love it and SO TRUE! Where is she going?

  2. The Lagree method is my favorite! I actually once got to take a class with Sebastien himself (perks of LA life!), which was pretty fun. The best part is the day after, when you are achy all over, but in such a good way. :-)

  3. Amazing eye makeup and handstand form :) Also very jealous about that margarita. Only 30 more days until I can partake myself (baby #2 was planned specifically so I wouldn't have to have another margarita-less summer...)

    So glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Impressed that the Big Wheel has lasted so long. Ours bit the bullet after one kid - the wheel literally tore off the frame. Craig gets at least one new thing, I guess!

    Also majorly jelz of that margarita. Mmmmmmmm.