Friday, March 20, 2015

All and Sundry

I'm watching Center Stage with a glass of champagne while JP works on Spring swim lesson registration in the other room and all is feeling very right in my world. It'd be better if JP was sitting next to me, but then he'd be making fun of my movie, so I suppose this is best.

I taught barre again this morning. I'm pretty much high when I drive away after doing that. It is SO MUCH FUN and I love getting to play my music and lead the class and make barre 100x harder for myself by teaching it. I had two brand new students who had never done barre before and both said they loved the class and hoped I'd be their teacher next week. I hope I won't because I'd like to work my regular hours next Friday instead of my barre-accomodating later schedule, but I know that if I get another chance to sub I'll totally be there.

I saw a tall man waving at me from the doorway to the yoga studio lobby during cool-down today. Since large men aren't that common in the lobby, I did a double-take and half-waved back, but I was really focused on my leg stretches so my poor new students wouldn't be too sore tomorrow. When class was over I found the picture above in my texts and realized it had been JP stopping by to see me before his doctor appointment nearby. He told me I sounded very official.

The big kids are also getting physical- they're both in soccer and I snapped this pic before their first game last weekend.

Cora had little tolerance for her role as spectator- she wanted ON that field and to eat all the snacks, take all the water bottles, and generally cause all the mayhem from the sidelines. JP and I were exhausted by the time we got home 3 hours later, but I will admit that even I-hate-activities-messing-with-my-weekends me enjoyed watching Landon and Claire run around the field in the general vicinity of the ball.

Later that day Landon found his old dump truck in the garage and I raced out of the house with my camera when I saw Claire and him recreating one of my favorite L&C moments ever.

2011 throwback:

Cora is three months older than Claire in that picture and Claire has 5x more hair (not that I don't adore and obsessively rub Cora's beautiful bald head).

St. Patrick's Day happened. Claire was very concerned about everyone wearing green and I bought a thematic dress for Cora for $5 off our neighborhood buy/sell facebook page which Claire found very satisfying. I tried for a bow and shamrock necklace, but Cora threw those on the floor immediately and stuck her tongue out at me.

She is a handful.

Also on Tuesday, my college roommate came in town! I wore my new $5 rainbow shirt from Ross and we drank margaritas outside on Magnolia and chatted about the old days, the new days, and all the days in between. She's pretty much the only person I met in college before I met JP, since I met her the same hour I arrived and I met him a whole 8 hours later, and she was party to my rehashing of all our relationship milestones, so she expressed great delight in our continued happy togetherness. She is doing great and a few months away from her PhD and it was absolutely lovely to see her.

trying to get a picture of my new makeup, but my closet lighting is beyond terrible

I am deeply annoyed at myself for not getting a picture of us all old and wise and of legal drinking age. It would have given me a reason to dig out some pictures from my freshman year of college. Why can't old photos automatically be made digital? I actually tried to find my college pics when I got home that night and finally realized that college was so long ago I didn't even have a digital camera and I had to get film developed in a store like the 1800's. Do you remember when you didn't know what would be on your camera until you picked up your envelope of pictures? I had a roll from a summer trip to New Orleans that was full of surprises.


So all is well and Center Stage has ended and only my need to finish this blog post kept me from popping up and dancing to the last song. That and it's more fun to dance when actual ballerinas aren't around for comparison. We're off to more soccer tomorrow with a 70% chance of rain, so that should be super fun. Cora will probably love it- the rain will add to the chaos and she'll be able to slip onto the field and throw herself on the ball while growling. This is how our soccer practices go at home and she is always the winner.


  1. Love the two Landon-Claire-dump truck photos!

    And, the texted photo of you would have been a little scary-stalker if hadn't been from JP. But, it was from JP, and just so sweet! (including the comment that you sounded very official).

  2. Since you had new students, I have a question about barre. I am super interested in it because you like it so much. But I am badly out of shape and I have a bad ankle. Is there a prep course of some sort I should take before going to a class? Or am I just a bad candidate for this type of workout?