Thursday, February 26, 2015


I turned 32 yesterday. My first present was the snow day house arrest being lifted at 10 a.m. In my life before children, a third snow day would have been a wonderful birthday present, but not with 3 children on day 5 of not leaving the house.

I mean the kids were awesome- seriously awesome, but we all needed to go beyond our own driveway.

So on Wednesday, a reprieve was granted in the form of a delayed start that allowed me to sleep in with JP, leisurely blow dry and straighten my hair, and apply makeup for the first time since my makeover night. I was weirdly nervous about the whole thing. I'm still missing a few of my favorite items the makeup artist used (Sephora delivery expected tomorrow!) and my details of the night were rather fuzzy (other than lots of saying "awesome" and "my eyes look AMAZING!"), but I think it turned out okay.

I'm wearing foundation for the first time ever, so that was also rather exciting. And there was eyeliner. And bronzer. Multiple brushes were used. It was a big morning. And it didn't actually take very long, even with my frequent references to the note my friend sent me with the steps she remembered.

Work was crazy, a product of having been gone without notice on Monday and Tuesday, and though I thought the office would be pretty empty with people using the delayed start as a reason to work from home, everyone with children was there, and there early.

I had a quick lunch with my makeover friend where we recounted our weekend trips to Sephora in excruciating detail, and then worked like crazy to catch up on things. JP was coaching Landon at his swim class, so I picked up the girls and we headed tot my favorite frozen margarita restaurant that is also home to my favorite nachos.

The girls and I entertained ourselves before the boys arrived.

The food was fab and quick (I refused to cook on my bday night, but we're under a bit of a time crunch with a toddler who goes to sleep at 7:30) and then we came home to champagne, a wrapped box, homemade cards, and a tower of my favorite cookies ever. The infamous double doozie from Great American Cookie company.

Every birthday should involve a tower of cookies with icing sandwiched between more cookies.

I had restricted JP to only one gift since he went a bit overboard with the wedding band at Christmas, but I did want him to go to a store and select something from any one of the million categories of items I love. No hints, no lists, no help from me- just something he thought I would like. I manage it for him each year and he's way harder to shop for and it's fun to see what he picks.

And he did so great! He got me a coordinating set of things- things that match! that he purchased at two different places for the purpose of matching! things that are thoughtful and fun and practical in light of our upcoming beach vacation.

Enter my fabulous hat and very sexy bikini and I could not be more pleased. I wore the hat all night, though the bikini had to wait until a day when I didn't inhale a giant plate of nachos and four cookies. It was very sweet and nothing I already owned or had thought to buy, but will come in very handy when my skin is forced into proximity with the sand and sun in Jamaica.

And then after the kids went to bed I got to continue drinking champagne on the couch and while watching multiple frivolous shows on TV at the same time, which JP hates doing, but I love (the "last" button on the remote is my very favorite button), and it was all very wonderful.

Today was an even crazier day at work- so many cases with deadlines all at once, it was nearly firm-like in its intensity and stress levels, but un-firm-like in everyone's time out for my snow delayed birthday lunch at a restaurant with duck fat fries. And other food, but mostly the fries. And then the box of extra Great American Cookie Company birthday cake cookies that JP bought me to bring to work to share with my friends. He really gets me.

32 is going to be great.


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like the perfect day ❄️๐Ÿช๐ŸŽ‚

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great one!

  3. makeup looks good. what happened to the pool netting?

    1. Oh it's just pulled off for the moment because we had an algae issue that was never going to get fixed without the pool getting some sun. And then when the sun went away the snow came and JP hasn't reattached it. We're just super careful about doors being closed and locked at all times when Cora's out and about. In general though, the cover has been awesome!

  4. Happy Birthday! On a practical note, do you think your makeup artist would be interested in private lessons for other makeup-challenged attorneys? I would love how to do better makeup for court and such.

    1. I'm sure she would, but you'd need to live in Fort Worth! She does these sessions routinely to teach other adults what they apparently should have picked up about makeup a long time ago :).

    2. Actually I live in North Richland Hills, which is about 10 to 15 minutes from Fort Worth. And my law office is east Fort Worth, if that would be more convenient.

  5. Happy belated birthday!!