Monday, December 15, 2014

Not Tuesday Things

1. I have spent all day thinking it's Tuesday, so now having a Tuesday tomorrow is going to seem like a bonus. Normally you don't want a longer week, but I'm taking formal testimony on Thursday and my kitchen isn't done and my parents and brother arrive on Friday. An extra day will be GREAT.

2. My kitchen is supposed to be done tomorrow! I'm expecting Wednesday to avoid disappointment, but regardless, there is an end in sight and that end looks BEAUTIFUL and full of homemade Christmas cookies.

3. I got a new yoga mat in the mail (an early Christmas present to myself after hours of research and over 200 hours logged on my old cheap mat) and it finally motivated me to take a break from evening wine drinking to get back to the barre and my legs feel shaky and amazing. And also nicely supported thanks to the new yoga mat that is already clearly worth 5x my old one. Such support and cushion and down dog hand stickiness! Getting back to the studio was like reuniting with a friend and it had only been a week away. Barre is in my blood.

4. This song played in class and it is WONDERFUL. It also won't get out of my hand. JP already hates it.

5. Cora looked adorable and festive this morning so I tried to get a picture in the chair I always seem to stick her in when I want a picture and she was having NONE OF IT. She stood up immediately, yelled in joy for being awake and alive on this lovely Tuesday Monday morning and then made lots of Cora faces and then Claire asked for a picture of them together and Cora was like NO, I have SO much to do, you have no idea and toddled off in the direction of her duplo bin to dump it all out and bang two pieces together.

SO busy.

6. My hair has decided to grow two tiny curly devil horns on both sides of my head and they are making me crazy. Like all caps crazy, except I used a lot of caps in the last bullet. They stick up and curl and will not be contained with any combination of chemical, hair product, or hot iron. So I'm tamping them down with sparkly headbands. Loft had their hair accessories 50% off today and if you've grown horns lately, you should go get some. They're super cute and feel very festive, and no one has to know you're only wearing them because of the horn situation.

7. This my kitchen color scheme: walls (same as living room; Bird Bath Blue), trim/upper cabinets (Chantilly Lace, which looks much brighter than the screen cap below), and lower cabinets (Shaker Grey). The floor is chocolate brown tile with grey tones.

It's going to be great. And I'm not even saying that sarcastically anymore.

8. I don't have a single Christmas decoration in the house because they would only get covered in dust and paint spray, but it's making my soul sad to be so unfestive. Luckily the Christmas cards have begun arriving and they make me so happy. The stack we have growing next to the door is literally our only nod to the holiday season in the whole house, but I've already taken off work on Friday and I am going to whip this house into shape. I will unpack ALL the kitchen things and organize the drawers and pantry and unleash the Christmas decorations and tree. This house will be FULL of holiday spirit when the kids get home from school on Friday and it will be glorious. And then I need to figure out how I can make sugar cookies happen before the 24th. It's going to be a tight squeeze, but cookies and sugar (and tradition!) are excellent motivators!


  1. I LOVE that song! It's been my go-to happy song (I play it when I'm happy or when I want to be happy) for the past month or so.

    I have the devil horn issue, too. It doesn't normally matter because I have curly hair, but the horns stick out and look ridiculous when I have my hair pulled up. Headbands are the only solution I've found.

  2. Do tell: what is your fabulous yoga mat?

    1. I got the Manduka ProLite. I love it! (And if you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your first purchase with free shipping!)

  3. Can you share the name of where you take your barre classes? There are so many chains around me, I'd love to know which one to try!

  4. I'm excited to see the kitchen! But I guess you have to take testimony first :-)

  5. Yes, your kitchen being done will be a little present for all of us! So exciting! :)