Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Everything and Nothing

I'm here! I'm not sure what's happened to me. Life, I guess? Unbloggable things along with making dinners, doing yoga and barre, researching laptops (still haven't picked one, there are too many), feeling guilty for not starting the kids' photobooks, freaking out that Cora is nearly 9 months old and almost walking (we can condense 10 would-be posts to waaaaaah last baby, MANY TEARS, etc.), meeting with a contractor and researching designs to remodel our kitchen (I'm as excited about that as I am sad that Cora is refusing to freeze herself in time), dreaming about becoming a barre instructor and photographer (what?! says the type A lawyer planner that is 90% of me), and agonizing over Cora's first Halloween outfit (butterfly! mouse! lady bug! monster!) and raging over things like a 2T "sexy jungle cat" option...

Am I going to take my first step? Am I? Ammmmm I?

Ha, NO! Made you clap.

Wait, but AM I?!

So, that's all taken some time, and yet, I also feel like I haven't done anything. No blogging, no photobooking, bare minimum emailing. If you can be disconnected while still spending a lot of time on the internet, then that's what I've been.

But I have been photographing other things! Mostly involving Cora.

(1) Cora has continued to get to know her fellow four-legged, floor-dwelling creature.

So... dog. This is what we do? We sit? We just... do this. We sit.

(2) Cora went to the mall and got her first pair of shoes!

She is a size 4W, her thighs are made of magic, and I was so intent on capturing her free standing abilities that I failed to catch her when she fell down and hit her head on the Stride Rite floor. MOTY.

Claire selected the second, brighter pink option for Cora and a pair of coordinating pink shoes for herself in her new size 12.5. 12.5! She just turned 4! Claire is going to be borrowing my size 10s in like 3 years.

(3) I finally went to the free botanic gardens that are right by our house. I literally drive by then every day, but though JP had taken the kids a few times, I somehow hadn't been. They're lovely! Even in August!

We came upon a 3-legged turtle and the biggest spider I've ever seen in the wild. And Cora tried to eat all the flowers.

(4) I wore a new dress and felt fancy.

(5) Claire's new favorite game is "going to exercise class" which involves wandering around the house with a nap mat and a purse burgeoning with cell phones, baby supplies, sunglasses, and superheroes. I asked her if she'd like to do yoga with me on Monday after work while dinner was cooking and she got SO excited. Now we've done it every night this week while we wait for the boys to come home from the pool (, which I continue to LOVE, has some great classes for kids).

Cora is very excited we've all discovered how fun moving around on the floor can be. Down-dogs are her favorite.

And so, that's what's been happening. Mostly. I've also done a ton of reading (the first 7 Kim Harrison Hollows books, though I still can't decide how I feel about them, and Kresley Cole's latest Dark Skye which I loved) and a lot of just sitting with JP, idly chatting and being. I've discovered that just being is a skill and like any, you have to practice. I'm getting better at it. And while there are things to do and decisions to make and some major minor crises to solve and/or survive, in general, I find myself going to bed, wrapped up in JP and thinking about nothing much at all. And that's maybe the best thing I've been able to write in a while.


  1. I have similarly mixed feelings about The Hollows books. I started out LOVING them and then got a little...bored. I still read them, I'm up to date, but I'm not as excited as I was in the beginning.

  2. omg, the pic with Cora in her Crocs. SO CUTE. :)
    Also very excited slash jealous about the kitchen remodel! Can't wait to follow that story.

  3. Talk more about the kitchen remodel! Do you have Pinterest boards you can share?