Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cora Quests and Q&A

In between getting back on track for the week (I think we're almost there! now that there's only 1 day left), trying (and failing) to go to bed early to recover from the 3 hours of sleep I got a night during Renyart Wedding Weekend 2014, and obsessively stalking our photographer's facebook page to see if she's posted a preview of our session from the end of June (she has not, though it's been 45 seconds, so I should probably check again), I thought- hey, I should write a blog post! But then I didn't really have anything to say- you've heard about my weekend, my deep-thoughts well is dry due to lack of sleep, and I've only taken two pictures post-wedding.

They're of Cora, on the loose and on the hunt for the big kids.

I'd only set her down moments ago in the TV room and next thing I knew she was but a dot on the master bathroom tile- and a rapidly disappearing dot at that.

(If you're concerned, she did find them- soaping up in our giant shower and she seemed as sad as Cora ever seems that she wasn't in there with them, but it was bedtime for our little party bunny and down she went moments later.)

I also have this picture my sister sent from their honeymoon in St. Thomas. I believe I was cleaning bottles and making dinner and plotting the murder of the 6,000 mosquitos in my 100+ degree backyard when I received it.

So St. Thomas has been bumped way up on my life-long travel list. It was already on the list (along with just about every other domestic and worldwide destination), but it's in a more urgent traunch now.

And so, I saw there was a question about swim lessons on the last post (which Simi, I promise to pass on to JP and write about here), does anyone else have any blogging fodder, questions, and/or prompts for me? I enjoy writing at night, but I feel like there's only so many times anyone could want to read a weekend recap or menu post (not that those are going away, they're my life, but I'd like to mix it up) and when I don't have anything else to say, I end up re-reading a book or filling a zappos shopping cart I then delete before purchasing.  Feel free to write questions to JP too- I don't know what he'll answer, but I'll transcribe the ones he does! So ask away!  In the meantime, I'll be googling "inexpensive St. John vacations" and watching google laugh at me.


  1. Oh, I second Simi's swim question! We've started H (who's 3) in a swim class at the Y, and they're teaching a little bit of floating, blowing bubbles, kicking, basic skills like that. But what I really wanted was self-saving type instruction that would help him protect his airway if he ever fell into a body of water. I know general familiarity in the water is probably helpful regardless of what's being taught, but I'd like to work with him myself on practical skills that he could use in an emergency, except I have no idea what to teach him or how to do it. I can't find any ISR type classes near me. Thank you!

  2. I have some questions ...
    1. I know you've said before that you will probably move at some point in the future. How much longer do you think you’ll stay in Ft. Worth? If you have plans to leave in a few years, how will that affect JP’s swim school?
    2. Is there another type of law you’d like to practice?
    3. Other than returning to a firm, are there any other law careers you are interested in (i.e. professor, in-house counsel, non-law career)?
    4. What was the hardest transition for you and JP as parents. Going from married couple to 1 kid, 1 kid to 2 kids or 2 kids to 3 kids?
    5. As busy as you are, I’m curious what is the biggest source of stress in your life right now?
    6. What are some of your favorite traditions with the kids?

    P.S. I like when you post menu’s – I’ve gotten many new meal ideas from your blog!

  3. I'm studying for the bar and about to begin a job as an associate. What's your advice re: what you wish you would have known just starting out? Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog!

  4. I'm about to be married, and I'd love to read a full post on your marriage/wedding/relationship advice/stories. What was harder than you thought it would be? Easier? What do you wish you would've known on your wedding day? That kind of stuff.

  5. I did ask in the comments a while back but I understand after reading about the huge week and then your sisters wedding how much you have on.
    I was asking for a recommendation for a barre DVD. I'm in Australia and can't find a local class.

  6. How you got out of firm life and into your current job. Did you do articles? Ask (in a nonsuspicious way) for partners to give you related work? Study up on anything in particular?

    I went to a Top 50 law school but not Top 10 - it will be harder for me to get noticed - looking for some advice as I begin the slow move towards realizing BigLaw is not for women with (small) children.

  7. Have you read "Written in My Own Heart's Blood?" What did you think of it?

  8. 1) What experiences did you have at the Firm that qualified you for the job at the SEC? 2) What is one thing you wished you knew when you first started as an associate? 3) I am also interested in your answers to the marriage advice anonymous at 10:35 asked. 4) What is the thing you worry about most for your children?

  9. Hi,
    Love your blog. I'd like to know if you have any tips for working through times of frustration/self-doubt/feeling overwhelmed.

  10. Hi LL! I am a long time blog reader/rising 2L who would love to hear any OCI tips you have. Thanks!

  11. Longtime reader, infrequent poster--I love your blog and it has been possibly the best resource out there for me the last three years as I did the whole law-school-and-babies thing. I'm currently studying for the bar and have two kids under 2 and would love to see a post about your fitness routine, specifically how you squeeze in fitness as a full-time working mom. I've been able to do it while in school but when I start my job after the bar I'll be working basically the hours you work at the SEC or maybe a little more, and have no idea how I'll work out. It seems like you're in a fitness groove as of late (barre, lots of family walks, etc) and you're clearly in great shape so I'd love to hear your thoughts in a specific post of how you plan your workouts, weekends vs. weekdays after kids are in bed, etc.

  12. I feel so privileged to be mentioned in your blog! And I eagerly await your response. Also, if you like both beach/relax and new culture with great food- I would recommend Mexico. I love Mexico City- which is sprawling and incredible and busy and overwhelming in a brilliantly exhilarating way. But the Pacific coast of Mexico also offers beach-type destinations with a good dose of Mexican culture and food. It's also so close to you and it seems that you like good Mexican food (and drink) - so it could be a great affordable family vacation for you all.

  13. Husband and I are both senior associates at law firms. We are expecting our second in a few months and I am starting to freak out. Any wisdom, helpful hints, perspectives on having multiple kids and the transition from 1 kid to 2 for all parties involved? Also how was the transition to sharing a room as we will be doing that after the baby is 4 months or so. Hopefully. Thanks so much. Love the blog and really appreciate the time you put into it.

  14. What happened with JP's parents? Did that situation resolve?

  15. You mentioned quite awhile ago that you stutter (used to stutter?), and were concerned that Landon might be developing a stutter. I'd love to hear more about that--what it was like for you growing up, coping mechanisms you've developed as an adult, how (or if) you've overcome it, etc.