Saturday, April 5, 2014

What You've Been Missing

This week! It's over and done and nothing amazing happened, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

Mostly, Cora had a cold and it was the saddest.

She sniffled and snuffled and sneezed. She ate less and slept more, but in tiny fretful pieces. Every time she saw you she'd smile and then her lower lip would start to push out and tremble and she'd look at you in confusion like, "I want to be so happy, but something is not right. I do not feel good!" And then she would cry and you'd hold her and she'd stop and stare into your eyes like you held all the answers.

Unfortunately, I don't hold the answer to the common cold, but by Wednesday she was doing better- still sniffly and sneezy, but not so miserable, and by Thursday, she was her usual jolly self, though still just as sneezy and coughy and drippy. But smiley! And constant smiles are a better gauge than body temp or sneeze count for how our Corabunny is feeling.

Thursday morning, post-runny nose wipe

On Thursday night, after many nights of very interrupted sleep (and a Tuesday night where I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish all 592 pages of The King, because it had come out that day and I have major self-control issues when it comes to reading series; I liked it though!), I got the great idea to thoroughly clean and re-organize our play room. I was tired of looking at disorganized bins, toys left around the edges of where they should be, and millions of pages of original art work all freaking over the place. So I poured a glass of wine, dumped out EVERYTHING, and got to organizing. About 10:30 it was clear that I'd made a HUGE mistake. My wine was long lost (still full, but very lost), my momentum was long gone, and I was a very long way from being done.

But I pushed through. Mostly because I was at that horrible point where everything looks way worse than it did before you began and I just knew I couldn't lay in bed picturing that disaster a few rooms over. So I found my wine, too a fortifying gulp, and got back to work. And just before midnight I was done!

I went to bed feeling at peace with the world and the new organizational structure of our bins. And today, post-barre, errands, and shower, I tackled my closet. Between a pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss/barre addiction, and the changing of several seasons, it was a bit of a mess. I made myself try on every single piece of clothing I own- everything, even things I was certain I loved or certain I hated, and then ruthlessly packed bags for Goodwill. I filled 6 Trader Joe's bags of donations and discovered several pieces of clothing I'd forgotten I had or forgotten I liked.

like shopping for free!

Like the playroom, there was a point 2 hours in where it all seemed like a big mistake. (You're missing what could have been an excellent picture here of clothing all over my bed, floor, and dresser, but my phone was buried somewhere underneath it all.) But even more than the playroom, I had to push through because no way in hell could I have fallen asleep tonight with clothes all over the floor. I can't even fall asleep after a vacation when I have a suitcase that isn't unpacked.

But now it's so nice!

There is segregation and organization and rainbow order! All previously dusty boots and dressy heels are in plastic bins; shoe boxes are gone; everything fits the me that I am now and not the me I was or want to be! I can't wait to get dressed for work on Monday.

Left on my home to-do list is cleaning all our baseboards, interior and exterior windows (and we have SO many windows), and supervising JP's scrubbing of the skylights. Those things are all terrible, so they may have to wait until next week. Tomorrow is going to be about food shopping, prepping, and cooking, and lots of lounging and making the kids play outside so they don't mess up their pretty playroom. And probably bringing Cora to snuggle in bed with me because this cold has confused her and she thinks 5 a.m. is morning. It's not, but she's darn cute while she tries to convince you that it is.

Happy weekending to you all!


  1. Love this last picture of Cora with her elephant in particular! So cute :)

  2. i concur - love the last pic of cora!

    also: "everything fits the me that I am now and not the me I was or the me I want to be" = awesome.

  3. The closet pic made me laugh -- JP gets one little section at the back. I'm impressed with all the organizing. I know that feeling of getting halfway through and losing your stamina, but being forced to push through because you've made a huge mess.