Thursday, March 7, 2013


It's been a long and interesting week and I need to pack and go to bed because I'm going to work at the crack of dawn tomorrow in order to leave at 2:30 p.m. to pick up the kids and head to the lake house. So I can't write what I want to write, which is a long musing regarding the Lag Liv family's next steps in life (also, for once, I'm so tired of thinking about it I can't even write about it, but I will, soon), but I also can't head to Livingston without updating before I go. Thus, I present snapshots of this week, in pictures, with few words and no musings:

I bought new sunglasses for $9 at Marshall's last weekend. They're faux Marc Jacobs and I like the coverage and dark polarized lenses (that don't actually look dark on the outside), but I was on the fence regarding whether or not I can pull them off. In the end, I decided it doesn't matter if I think I can pull them off as long as I pretend I can. Also, the scarf was a birthday present from my sister and I love it very much.

selfie at a stop light so I could see how I looked; the tag is still on in the back

Landon in his new soccer uniform for his new team with his new (again) haircut. He's doing great- his daily practices with JP every afternoon in the front yard while they wait for me to come home are really paying off (and oh how I love love pulling onto our street to see them out there, with Claire sitting on the step rocking her baby and/or running around in circles "playing soccer" and singing to herself many yards away from the actual ball). He scored 3 goals last Saturday and is such a good listener of the coach (who half the time, happens to be his dad). It was so fun to see him so excited after that game.


How the Bear emerged from her room at 7 a.m. on Sunday. Of course.


The kids' castle. They spend at least 2 hours a day in there on the weekends and we are not invited. I know everyone's experiences are different, but man does having two kids seem about a billion times easier than having one in our house. While they were in the castle, I was reading a book on the coach a little ways away, listening to their giggles, and not feeling guilty at all about neglecting them.


We've been going on walks every evening when I get home from work. Landon rides his bike like the pro he suddenly is and JP stands on the tiny razor scooter while Tex pulls him like they're in the Iditarod.


Which means I'm the only person powered by my own two feet, while pushing a giant stroller holding Claire, her baby, and her purse. I've actually had to start running to keep up, and you all know how I feel about running. I can't deny it's great exercise though- 3.0 miles most nights and we're doing it in half the time we used to!


Claire invited me to "cuddle you" on Monday night and I did, my high heels sticking out the side of the comforter.


I went to Austin for 36 hours on Tuesday for a job interview and back-to-back appointments with people I haven't seen in a year. I got to reconnect with some great career contacts and good friends and came away with some intriguing opportunities and a whole lot to think about. It was a little funny to realize that we'd left Austin almost exactly a year ago that day.


While JP was captaining the ship back home, he texted me this picture while I was out at dinner. Made me smile into my frozen sangria.


Not illustrated: I started reading Beautiful Creatures last Friday night and finished all 1,100 pages of the first two books by Monday morning. I finished Beautiful Chaos (#3) yesterday and am exercising ENORMOUS self control in not downloading book #4 tonight so that I will actually get some sleep. They're good, is what I'm saying.

And now, to packing and sleeping and not downloading books. Happy-almost-Friday to all.


  1. It's already Friday here and I'm fighting off sleep while trying to finish drafting a patent license... big storm coming and I can't get any work done tomorrow with both kids home. (For probably the fourth or fifth time in the past month.) WHY do I live in New England??

    I'm surprised you're posting so openly about having job interviews elsewhere. Is it because your coworkers don't read this, or because it's not a big deal?

    Have fun at the lake!

    1. The latter (though I don't think many of my coworkers read this, I have a few friends there that do). It's a very different environment than the law firm. There's no making partner or working on alliances or contacts or self-promotion, I'm just a staff attorney and I will be a staff attorney forever (unless one of the 5 assistant director spots opens up one day, in which case there's at least 15 great people ahead of me on that front). Most people spent 7-8 years at a firm before coming over and have absolutely no plans to go back to the private sector; the loyalty comes from the fantastic lifestyle and work, not because loyalty is a particularly important trait to display there. Mostly though it's that people know JP lost his job and that we might have to move and I've talked to a few individually about contacts and opportunities in other cities. I hope to stay, they hope I stay, but if I have to leave they all have several friends they'd be happy to recommend for my spot :).

      (And good luck with that patent license!)

  2. I love reading about your adventures. We were pretty set on only one child but then I see Landon and Claire and wonder "what if"? Thanks for sharing :) I sincerely hope that you are able to land somewhere that will be great for you, JP, and the kids. Have fun at the lake house!