Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Kid Bear

Another day another milestone.

After Claire successfully potty trained herself a few weekends ago (not one accident in 2 weeks, even at night!), we officially packed up all diapers and diapering accessories, including the changing table that has been a part of our lives since July 2007. It is weird. (Also, awesome.) And after that step, there was nothing left to do but send the crib out the same way as the changing table (dismantled; in the garage) and graduate Claire to a big girl bed.

A changing table used to be here.

I had the bed frame ready- it's the set that used to be in Landon's room in Austin, the same beds that my sister and I slept in when we shared a room in LA and Houston until I turned 9. That bed was my first big girl bed, and Val's first big girl bed, and now it is Claire's. I love that.


JP spent his Friday afternoon bargaining with mattress stores to get a ridiculous price on a twin + fancy mattress pad. He got a base board cut at Lowe's (we use that instead of a box spring because it costs about $10 and keeps the mattress lower to the ground). I bought the bed-in-a-bag online from Target because I was a fool and didn't buy it in the store when I fell in love with it over the summer and now it's only online, not on sale, and requires $10 in shipping fees. But it's exactly what I wanted, and the whole down comforter + sheets + sham + bed skirt still cost half of one PBK quilt (though I did indulge in a clearance PBK owl pillow a few months ago, which, nicely enough, coordinates perfectly with the hot pink and polka dot Target bedding).

Ready and Oh So Excited!

I love using solid color comforters- it's an easy way to coordinate a boy/girl room and it allows the kids the freedom to change out the sheets over time. In 3 years Landon has gone from trucks to trains to super heroes and his cozy comforter remains the same. When I opened the bedding package on Tuesday night, before we'd purchased her bed, Claire was so excited that she insisted on sleeping with the polka-dot pillow case. Each night, she would curl up in a little ball in her crib and I would tuck the pillow case around her so she could "be cozy." Can you imagine fitting under a pillow case? Two is so adorable.

Inaugural bedtime story! Also, my hand looks freakishly large in this picture.

If it's possible, Landon was even more excited than Claire. I got to pick the first story to be read in Claire's bed (since crawling into Claire's crib to read was not happening) and went with "Oh My Baby, Little One," one of my very favorites. We tucked the little Bear in, gave her kisses, and shut the door.

Snug as a bug

We didn't hear a peep until Landon came in our room at 7 a.m. this morning to let us know that Claire had gone pee pee. "In the bed?", we asked. "No, in the potty." "Okay, then, go back and play in your room, we'll be in in a bit." And then we rolled over and snuggled, knowing the kids were happily reading books or doing whatever it is they do in the morning when we're not in the room. Big kids have their advantages- and at least my big kids are still little enough to need hugs and kisses and several rounds of "Wheels on the Bus" before I close the door and say goodnight.


  1. So sweet. I love Bear. And LOL and the big hands. Question - what do you use for the base board from Lowes? that is a neat idea and I'd like to do that too.

  2. I'll have to ask JP, but I think it's just a thick piece of plywood (about an inch), cut to fit the bed frame. Lowes will cut it for you if you bring the measurements and it works great! Very solid and eliminates the need for the box spring, and I like the lower height of the mattress- still looks like a real bed, but won't cause any damage if someone rolls off like Claire did last night ;)

  3. the owl pillows are such a cute touch :)

  4. thanks, we'll check it out. for rolling our - we do pool noodles on the edge of the bed under the sheet - helps a lot.