Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Day Weekend: Wind, Fire, Love

We just got in from spending all morning and midday outside.

That shouldn't be a noteworthy statement, but the 7 hours we spent outside today adds up to more hours than I think I've been outside since May. In fact, yesterday was probably the first time Claire ever played in our front yard- it's been over 100 since she started walking. (Pardon the dead grass; with the drought, green grass didn't seem very important, so we stopped watering months ago.) But it looks like our record-breaking "70 days over 100" streak is finally over. Even now at 2:00 it's only 88 with sapphire blue skies and a strong breeze.

It would be perfection but for the raging wildfires and enormous grey clouds of smoke to the east and north of us. As I told JP this morning, while we were watching the kids play at a nearby park, I feel guilty being so happy about the gorgeous weather when there's people 20 miles away losing everything. We've donated to the Texas Wildfire Relief fund, but when I watch this video on CNN, that doesn't seem like nearly enough. Steiner Ranch, where this video was taken (and where these pictures are from), is where JP coached his swim lessons for a year. The neighborhood is much like the one we live in, just a few miles north. I can't imagine losing everything in my home. The only good thing so far is that there haven't been any (or many, it's conflicting) reported injuries. But the high winds today aren't helping a 0% contained fire. When we went to bed at 11:30 last night the fire in Bastrop (40 miles away) was 16 miles long and 3 miles wide. So scary.

Landon asked about the "fire smell" when we went outside this morning, and he's been very curious about all the water planes and helicopters flying over us. We've talked about the wildfires generally, he's a pretty unflappable kid, but I didn't want something to scare him when he thought about it later. We talked about our fire detectors, where we'd go if there was a fire, and where the people who have fires are going to sleep tonight (he was most concerned about that). The biggest struggle has been explaining why they're still burning. Landon can't understand a world where firefighters aren't highly efficient superheroes, so I'm having to doge a lot of questions about WHY the firefighters haven't fixed the fires yet.

In other news, Saturday was our 6-year wedding anniversary, and the day before marked 10 years from our first date (and 3 years since I started at the firm, though that anniversary is less notable). For our anniversary we went to a swimming letterwinner's tailgate on campus. We didn't go to the game; mostly because I hate football and think those games last longer than anyone should be expected to stand in the sun (they stop that clock all the damn time, I used to get so mad at it in college), but also because we had the two kids with us and we didn't have tickets. The tailgate was fun though!

Afterward, JP surprised me by arranging for a babysitter so we could go out for a fancy dinner. It was lovely. I got all fancied up with a short black wrap dress and 4" black lizard pumps (heels so borderline hooker-esque that not even I have attempted to wear them to work, though they are from Ann Taylor and I feel like everything from that store has a "you can wear this to the office" guarantee; maybe that's why these were on clearance? regardless, JP was a fan). Halfway through dinner, as were laughing at something our crazy Clairebear had done that morning, I looked up at my husband and took a moment to reflect on how happy and how lucky I am that I get to spend every day with my favorite person on the planet. He must have been thinking the same because he randomly said, "you know, you're my favorite." I didn't even need to ask favorite what-- it's just favorite anything. I feel the exact same way.

(my very favorite picture from our wedding; it perfectly captures how I felt that day)

I need to get back to work - laboring on labor day - but keep the people of central Texas in your thoughts. Rain seems like an impossibility after this many months without, but miracles happen.


  1. I'm glad that even in the busyness of your lives, you take the time to just look at each other .... and realize how blessed you are.
    I have discovered that that is a truly rare thing. Those of us who've had it have been blessed beyond measure.
    Always take that time.

  2. Aww, love a surprise babysitter and date! And the perfect dress and shoes to match!

    The fires put a damper on our first nice day in forever too. We played outside and made pumpkin bread, but I also checked on my Steiner friends about every five minutes via Facebook.

  3. That's sweet that Landon is so concerned about others! And your surprise date night sounds fantastic (and so romantic!).

  4. Totally adorable family!

  5. Aw happy anniversary! How wonderful that after 6 years of marriage and 2 kids, you still feel that you are each others' "favorites." That's so wonderful and unfortunately all too rare. :)

  6. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful celebration!

  7. loves. happy anniversary.