Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! Yes, it's a Halmark holiday, but I like the impetus it gives schools, daycares, and kids of all ages to honor the moms in our lives and mark the day with gifts of painted hand-prints and cute cards I can put in a box and look at every year. Plus, for 24 whole hours, I can excuse myself from every dirty diaper and "mommy I went poop, come see!" situation. That's all for daddy while the cuddles are all for me.

We don't tend to do big gifts on the Parent Days, just a card and a special brunch or dinner at home. But this year, JP stepped it up and sent me flowers at work on Thursday (a few days early so I could enjoy them on my desk in anticipation of Sunday, which was very sweet and unusually forward thinking of him). And then this morning, Clairebear walked (walked!) over to me in the play room holding a little brown box. Inside was this beautiful necklace from etsy. I had shown it to him on my computer a few months ago, and then we went and tracked it back down to order.

It was a very sweet surprise and I carefully chose my church outfit to match it:

(Also, I got a haircut yesterday. I have hopes I can actually blow dry it to curl at the ends like that again, but it's doubtful. And Landon wouldn't take a picture with me because we did our family portraits last night and he felt he had smiled at a camera quite enough for one weekend, which was probably true. Good thing I have two kids and the Biscuit is always camera ready.)

But isn't my little necklace pretty?! Also pretty? My top. I LOVE it. I ran to the mall at lunch on Thursday to buy some shorts for Claire and saw it in the window of the Limited. It's been a while since I've bought anything from there, but I've recently decided I can wear certain shades of yellow and I just loved the colors in that shirt. It called to me. I had a coupon in my purse for the Limited- a coupon I very nearly threw out when it came in the mail but then saved just in case, so I walked in and bought it. I wore it to work on Friday with dark jeans, black platform pumps, and a black 3/4 sleeve blazer. It was maybe my favorite outfit ever and I now have a single yellow shirt hanging in between the orange and green sections of my closet. As one of my partner's would say, I just lost the point of my paragraph, but this wearing of yellow thing is very exciting for me, and I do just love that necklace.

Also love?

My kids. (Obviously.) My necklace nothwithstanding, I'm not sure there's any better gift than walking in to the church nursery and hearing the teacher say, "your kids are just so sweet! Landon is always walking across the room to check on Claire and bring her things and make sure she's happy." They make my every day and I love that Mother's Day is always on a Sunday so I can spend all of it with them.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, LL!
    Two beautiful kids and that gorgeous necklace ... you must have been very, very good in another life!