Friday, March 25, 2011

Now with 3x more cowboy boots!

I have half a post written that involves actual thoughts about something that matters, another RRA post started, and a post planned about my sweet baby girl who suddenly lives for danger and is probably going to force me to buy our first baby gate -- but, it's 10:50 pm and I'm tired and I'm working and I'm tired. I got a call at 4:00 asking if I had time to work on something due by the end of the day tomorrow. My first thought was, are you confused? tomorrow is Saturday, you know, the day we don't work. But no, he wasn't confused, and there went my plans to read and run errands and re-organize my closet. I was excited about those plans. I am not excited about this little project, not at all.

It's okay, this is what I get paid for, but it means that I'm grumpy and unable to dig up the energy or emotion to finish the substantive post I started the other day. So instead, it's Rodeo pictures!

You get to see Landon in cowboy boots, eating every last morsel of his fried corn dog! (ewwww)

The Biscuit looking bored and wishing we'd remembered to bring the sun shade for her stoller!

Me, also in boots! and posing next to a tractor because that's what happens when you let a 3.5 year old boy pick the photo spot.


There were rides. And two nice carnival menfolk who let Landon drive his boat/motorcycle for an extra long time until JP and I finally begged them in muted whispers to please make the slow, endless loop stop. Landon loved it.

JP, also in boots, but sadly, without his hat. He looks quite good in a cowboy hat. It really is crazy that I was born in Texas when he wasn't.

Both of us expressed dismay that we ever begged our parents for those cheap, itchy looking stuffed animals hanging above the games. When Landon started looking at them with stars in his eyes, we decided it was time to go. This was my first trip to the Austin Rodeo, and while it has nothing on the huge one in Houston, it was still a fun way to spend a Saturday morning and a great excuse to wear jean shorts and cowboy boots.

And now, it's back to work.

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