Friday, July 30, 2010

8-week Update

Clairebear is 8 weeks old today. I'm basically required to follow that with, "and I can't believe it's gone by so fast," but it's true- I really can't. Everything has been SO much easier this time around. And not because of Claire- as it turns out she is much like her big brother with the milk protein allergy, super expensive formula, and freaking reflux. Oh yes, we landed a pediatric gastroesophageal reflux disease diagnosis last Friday when I took Claire to the doctor an hour before we were supposed to leave for Houston for my mom's party. She'd been up every half hour the night before just crying and crying and it was so sad and nothing helped, not even her bottle which she seems to love more than life itself, and finally at about 3 a.m. JP stuck her in her car seat and drove her around the block for 30 minutes. When he trudged back in the door with a baby who had been asleep until the moment the car stopped moving he said, "no more kids." I told him that shouldn't be a 4 a.m. decision, but I wasn't about to argue just then.

(though this one is so cute!)

The pediatrician agreed it was GERD, and due to my vast experience and knowledge of reflux treatments, we got to skip straight to the good stuff- a strong dose of Prevacid in the evening and Zantac as an option in the morning if she's really struggling (we've only used that once so far, and I'm really not sure Zantac does anything, it didn't for Landon.). Claire is doing so much better- about an hour after she took the Prevacid for the first time, she had her nighttime bottle, heaved a great sigh, and fell into a deeper sleep than she had for days. And then she slept for 7 hours! Delightful- for everyone. I think we caught on much earlier with Claire so there wasn't as much damage to her esophagus yet and the medicines were able to help better, faster.


There is so much that has made things easier this second time around. Previous experience is big- you learn a lot about babies and their many issues after surviving the infancy of a difficult one. This time I knew what reflux was as well as how to recognize it. It also helps to know that one bad night won't kill anyone. Not you, not your marriage, and not your baby. In fact, a hundred bad nights won't kill you. And I also know that it's going to get so much easier and so much more fun. Having a toddler around is a fantastic reward at the end of babyhood. And knowing all of that has helped me to enjoy Claire's babyhood that much more.


  1. I'm so sorry you're having to do the GERD thing again but glad you caught it so early! Also, so glad you're having an easier time of it this time around. You definitely earned it. :)

  2. You are SO right about the second one. I keep saying that I wish we could have the second one first. Not only do we have a little experience, we get to enjoy the fun stuff without all the freaking out. Like I can't believe I had, and used religiously, a bath thermometer with Eli. So many better ways to use my time. Claire's adorable. I love her smile!

  3. It's great you were able to recognize this early and help little Claire along. I'm sure there is more than enough relief to go around the whole family. Glad to hear that in some ways it's easier the second time around.

  4. I was thinking about that too - how much more we can enjoy the third one compared to the first (and even the second)! I have always enjoyed my babies, but never have I relished babyhood as much as I do with my third baby. I am SO relaxed - both with having an infant as well as parenting more than one child. Maternity leave truly feels like a vacation because we have the parenting thing DOWN and just don't stress about every little thing, like we did with our first.

    Glad to hear that Claire is doing well and that you recognized GERD early. I believe O had GERD though her ped said she was a happy spitter upper because she was gaining. Had she NOT been my first, I probably would have pressed for meds rather than having faith in the ped. It is so nice when you have the experience to trust your Mommy instincts!

  5. You should check out the Nap Nanny. It works great for babies with acid reflux. It really helped my 6 month old.

  6. Abigail had bad reflux too. The doctor kept telling me she was too young to be showing symptoms, and made us suffer until her 2 month appointment. Zantac helped me remember what it was like to sleep.

    She still never slept on her back though, she would just cry. And she hated the car seat. I was so happy the day she finally outgrew it all.

    Glad you've got it figured out!