Monday, November 19, 2007


Our flight was delayed by three hours, Landon didn't sleep At All, and we ended up with nine pieces of luggage (not counting Landon himself), but we're here! While the little guy did not have any interest in sleeping at the airport or on the plane, he behaved pretty well. We had two seats in the bulkhead and the woman next to me was very nice about Landon occasionally squirming his way into her personal space. It was about a million degrees on the plane, which made having a furnace of a baby in your lap for over 2 hours all that much more fun, but we survived. Landon cried a few times, but there were other kids making more noise than him so I don't think we weren't the most hated parents on the trip. He's now asleep upstairs with my old monitor beside him. I'm pretty sure that chunky old Fisher Price model one works better than the fancy one JP and I have now.

It's so nice being home. We moved to this house from L.A. in 1988 a few weeks before my little brother was born. I was 5 and almost all my memories were made here. It will be devastating when my parents move someday. Getting married, moving across the country, and starting my own family haven't changed the wonderful feeling of "coming home" that I get when we pull in the driveway.


  1. Glad you made it safely! DH and I are flying with our 4.5 month old for the first time Thursday morning...yikes! I've been making lists and going over the packing in my head. Good call on the extra tops for you and JP--I think we will do the same!

  2. vnpkGlad you made it safely and with minimal issues. My parents have both moved several times recently but when I go to my Mom's house I still feel like I'm home. Something about having family around. Enjoy your trip! We want to see pictures of the dress you decide on for Sunday.

  3. Welcome home! We moved so much when I was a child that I never had a "home" like that. I hope we can provide that for Pumpkinhead. Hope you have a fantastic visit and get some richly-deserved TLC.

  4. welcome home. my mom lives in the house in which my father was 1928. it's always nice to go back.

    i hope you get to shed all of the emotional drain of the last month.

    happy thanksgiving.

  5. ah yes, the joys of traveling with an infant. Glad, at least, that Landon didn't have a blowout diaper on the plane!

    Enjoy being home and all the comforts associate thereof.

  6. I just read this article and thoughy you would find it interesing.

    Sorry to bring back (potebtially) neg. stuff.