Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Dad: Working Mother

My dad flew in over the weekend to be our new Safety Person (airplane ticket costs to date: $2100). He planned to work half days while at home with Landon. I had a few doubts, but when dad was here a month ago Landon still slept most of the day and he was confident the little guy would cooperate.

On Monday, dad had a business lunch planned for noon followed by an international conference call at 2. Landon, of course, would be attending both. I dressed him in a snazzy outfit for the lunch and sent an email later in the day asking how things had gone. Here's my dad's reply:

Lunch was great. Landon was perfect. We then tried to have a conf call where I was being interviewed. Went fine for awhile then Landon spit up on me so I quit the call.

I burst out laughing in the green lounge when I read that.

Then yesterday I checked in to see how things were going before my 11:00 class. Our e-mail conversation:

Me, 10:40am: I'll leave right after my class ends at 12:05 to be home for lunch. It's a pretty day and we can walk to get pizza.

Dad 10:42am: Excellent. I just accidentally ate all of the crunchy carmel things and a few chocolate cashews.

Me, 10:45am: Hahaha- eat some of the leftover real food. Anything is better than chocolate cashews at 10:45...

Dad, 10:46am: Big poop gotta go

I crack up every time I read that last email. I picture my harried father, juggling a baby, munching on rice cakes, and trying to answer emails. He might as well be wearing a terry-cloth robe with curlers in his hair. Today, dad had another conference call scheduled, and here's how that went (Landon was dubbed "Cheeto" by him this morning. Not sure where it came from, but it's sticking for now):

Soon as call started Cheeto started to fuss. His annoyance built until interrupted by a big poop! With that accomplished and he had fresh diaper he was only happy if I was carrying him and walking him from mirror to mirror. He then ate some and then cried and finally when call was over at 10:50 he fell asleep. Cheeto is not business friendly!

Apparently Landon/Cheeto slept for several hours after the conference call was over and behaved perfectly for the rest of the day. Now my dad knows some of the challenges of the working mom- especially the work-from-home mom (Shelley, I thought of you). He's a good sport though, and a great grandpa, and he's even figured out a new way to make Landon stop crying: carry a crying Landon over to our hallway mirror, wait, and after about 15 seconds he'll start giggling at the silly baby in the mirror with the red face and tears. It's foolproof- except he doesn't think the happy baby is as funny as the crying baby, so unfortunately the fix doesn't last very long.


  1. That is sweet. My husband didn't understand when I turned down an opportunity to work from home (all day on a phone and computer, 2 hour long calls) to work in an office. I tried to explain that it is not that easy to try to work with a baby in the house. Especially once they get mobile. Sounds like your Dad is being a real trooper.

  2. i love that there is a happy post under "the nightmare" category. i love your dad. what a fantastic grandpa.

    oh, and i must know: did you walk to get pizza? was it good? i LOVE people enjoying food stories right now. they make me all teary-eyed and nostalgic.

  3. He is a trooper :)

    And yes, chicken, we did walk to get pizza and it was delicious. The special of the day was Wicker Pesto and it's NY-style very thin with basil pesto, black olives, and slices of fresh mozzerella. Fabulous.

    I felt very nauseated my first trimester as well. The only things I ate were cheese pizza, mac & cheese, and spaghettios. I reverted to age 5. Good luck finding something you can eat!

  4. I love this post! It might be one of the sweetest things I have read in AGES!!!! It actually made me giggle out loud! :) SOOOOO thinking about you guys!!!! Hugs from TN!

  5. I'm glad you've had some humor in your lives...I've been trying to come up with something meaningful after your last couple of posts, but everything has seemed too inadequate to say. Still sending you all the best, though.

  6. I absolutely LOVED this post. Your dad is so cute.

  7. Hahaha, I love the big poop comment. It also took me a minute to realize your dad was talking about Landon and not himself. (Probably because that's totally information my husband would share with me.)

    Kudos to Dad for being such a trooper!

  8. That cracks me up! I was on the phone with my dad this afternoon, who stayed home with me my first year as a baby. He was getting nostalgic and told some similar stories (mercifully without telling any Shelley-poop stories). :)

    And that is pretty much what my nanny-less days are like. Matthew will call around lunch and ask how things went. It goes something like, "We watched 'What Not to Wear' until she fell asleep. I snuck out of the room and called a client, but she woke up and screamed, so I had to cut the call short. I fed her again and we played, and I tried to work on my laptop while she tried to consume Ernie (a stuffed elephant), but she spit up and...."

    Your dad already has a better handle on it than I do! Note to self -- stand in front of mirrors when calling clients with the baby in hand!

  9. Great post! And ROFL Proto (I was thinking the same thing!) LL, I'm so glad you have good support. Hope this is all settled by final exams. I know that whenever my son is with someone else, I'm always worried that he's being a bother or that he's not doing well and I just can't concentrate (have to check in constantly). What a good Dad you have! :)

  10. formerlawstudentcurrentmother11/15/07, 8:47 AM

    You know, I'm not typically a "silver lining" person, and this is in NO way meant to assuage the outrage at this Nightmare, but these are really special times Landon is having. your mom, aunt, and now dad are getting to know this little person in a way that most people can't know their grandchildren. Of course it's awful that these times come under the cloud of this nightmare, but still, there is some *good* (not enough, though, not nearly enough. I hope you and your husband have Landon back to yourselves VERY soon. You, as a family, are being so cheated, so wronged.)

  11. awww im so glad that your dad and landon are spending some quality time together..even though its under unneccesary circumstances! hope you guys have a great turkey day =)))

  12. Well, now we know where you get your great parenting skills from: your dad! It's so great to hear that Landon's doing well, and great that your dad is able to spend some time with Landon (though preferably under normal circumstances...). I'd say you can officially get him one of those "World's Greatest Granpa" coffee mugs now. :)

    I have to say though, that I am shocked you could live in Chicago and allow yourself to eat New York style pizza-oh the shame!! Lol...

    Glad to read a happy post. :)

  13. totally laughing outloud...

  14. As a real-life WAHM, I raise my glass to him.

    Babies and small children instinctively know when you are having an important phone call and always pick that moment to have some sort of emergency.

    (BTW, though, I don't wear a robe and curlers.)

  15. I loved reading all about your Dad with Landon!!! Trying to picture Sandy in a few months!!!
    Your Dad has been incredible!!! Is every thing still on for the trip back home?????

    My love and thoughts continually!