Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Label I Haven't Used in a While

This is the post, with it's now ironic title, that I was working on yesterday before I came home to that ominous message from our DCFS investigator (no update on that yet, despite JP's many attempts to reach her):

One of my New Year's wishes is that this blog will contain more law school related posts- not because I think UC law provides fascinating blogging fodder, but because I truly hope law school occupies a larger part of my life and thoughts this quarter. When I'm whining about being behind in my reading or when impending exams are keeping me up at night rather than a custody hearing, that will mean my life is back to normal. So let the law school complaining begin!

Winter quarter starts tomorrow and I still haven't picked my classes. I just can't muster the energy. I've spent the last 7.5 hours in the law library (more time than I spent in here all last quarter) working on the Application for Admission to the Texas Bar. Yuck. Trying to remember employment information from 6 years ago, when I was 18 and a summer league swim coach, or who my supervisor was for the three months I worked at Banana Republic before law school, is not fun. Thank god for the internet- what did we do before that? I've made some substantial headway on the application, tracked down most of my old supervisors' current contact information, printed out applications to get certified copies of my birth certificate and marriage license, and talked with the attorney employment manager at Future Firm to get my MPRE costs refunded, start date set, and bar/bri iPod course approved. It's been a productive day on the law career side of things, but as I mentioned, I still don't know which classes I will attend tomorrow. Which means I also havent bought my books or read the assignments. So much for not getting behind...

I'm trying to talk myself into taking classes like con law, evidence, or tax, but I just feel burned out on those classic law school courses. The thought of working through a massive fact pattern on the exam with yet another outline I'll have to create from a million court holdings just makes me feel tired. After years of overachieving, I'm quite enjoying the easy road. And it's not like any course here is actually easy. (Do you notice how easily I was able to tell myself it's okay not to take those classes I totally should take- it's a skill.) I'll probably just sit in on a bunch of classes for the first few days and then make a decision based on how interesting the professor is, how many of my friends are in the class, how expensive the book is, and what the grade is based on. Who knows what I'll end up with...

Isn't that a lovely, normal post from a 3L? Some whining about the bar exam and a bit about doing as little work as possible during my last year of school. My life felt like it was getting back to normal- I was a mom, wife, and law student and trying to balance them all. Now I'm back to being a parent falsely accused of child abuse, who can't make strangers believe in me, my husband, and our absolute love for our baby, and feeling completely helpless in the face of whatever it is they're calling about. The bar exam seems a mere trifle. I'll let you know when we hear anything.


  1. I am so sorry this is still dragging on. Hopefully she will get back to JP today. As for school, I've never been to law school but I know I never finalized my schedule in college until a few days in. I would wait for spots to open up in classes I wanted and check out the classes I signed up for to see if I liked the prof. No need to make things any harder on yourself. You deserve to take the path of least resistance for awhile.

  2. For what it's worth?

    I believe you.

  3. Delurking to say that I took the Texas bar two years ago. . . but I had the advantage of a Texas Law school to prepare me for theat Texas Bar. ConLaw - is a part of the multiple choice day topics. And there is a lot of application of Evidence on the Bar. I know those aren't very exciting courses to take, but they could come in handy in July!! (Although I am not sure how different your state's ConLaw and Evidence approach is - compared to Texas.) For what it's worth!

  4. Me too! I believe in you. Sorry hon. I hope it's all over soon for GOOD!

  5. Stay strong. Thinking of you!!

  6. Let me guess, the case worker leaves the cryptic message and then is on vacation for the next six months? If these people make minimum wage, they're being over-compensated.

  7. LL,

    Take Evidence! It is a huge part of the bar exam (MBE) and really confusing. Con law you can learn through Bar Bri (although it is totally worth your time to take the class), but I could not imagine learning the hearsay rules for the first time ever in Bar Bri.

    Oh, and I TOTALLY believe you, for what it's worth!

  8. Shit. I just posted a long rant against the Swedes on my blog and then realized that you, one of my favorite bloggers, are Swedish. Crap. One day I will either a) learn to keep my mouth shut, b) remember the difference between Swedish and Swiss, or c) stop blaming an entire nation for the mis-design of one car company. Please forgive me. I don't really hate the Swedes. And I definitely don't hate you.

  9. New Duck: that cracks me up- I must go read this rant. We Swedes are a stubborn bunch and tend to be Always Right, we are not not Swiss and most of us do not design cars :) And we brought you the fabulous delicacy that is lutefisk*, so how can you not love is?

    *Actually, lutefisk is disgusting and I swear my grandpa only eats it because it is Swedish and he must embrace all things Swede.