Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 60.5: No News

Of course, no phone call came from DCFS today. Every time my phone vibrated in the library my stomach tied itself into a little knot and deposited itself somewhere in my hip region- but it was always a friend or family member.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Either way, we're done having someone live with us and done trying to contact them. The Safety Plan expired Oct. 16 so we're not breaking any kind of agreement by being alone- and they've let us leave the state without checking on us, so obviously they're not very concerned. I have a feeling that if we weren't calling them, we'd never hear from them at all. So we'll just sit back, try to live our lives, and wait for word. Maybe I'll be able to actually start studying for that final I have on Friday for that class I never read for... or, maybe not.


  1. SIGH...

    You're still in my thoughts and prayers. I've been reading, hoping, praying for this to all be done and over with.

    MOST importantly, the pictures have been fantastic:) Such a cute guy, such a cute age!!

    Good luck on your final!


  2. How sad for you and your family to remain in limbo. Sending the best thoughts your way to end this very, very, soon. :)

  3. It must be terribly hard to try to put this all out of your mind and pretend things are normal when they're not. You have the right attitude -- stay strong.

  4. I really hope this means they just want it all to disappear. Good for you, deciding to move on and live your life. And good luck with exams.

  5. I am thinking of you. We had a similar situation with our daughter. No one would contact us, but we were afraid to remind them we existed, too. Several months later, someone showed up at our door, looked around, took pictures, and told us we would get a letter saying our case was closed and we were not at fault. Still no letter almost 2 years later...

  6. My take on the DCFS Supervisor being very short with you. She/he knows their departments is lacking in quality resources. They probably don't have too many familes such as yours that are very intelligent and can hold their cool in such ridiculous circumstances. You also have sought on quality/qualified doctors/lawyers. I would be curious how much the DCFS Doctors, staff, investigators get paid. (the old you get what you pay for)Thought for the day . . .
    Some people don't know what they don't know, they just think they know but they don't.

  7. I hope this ends soon - but I'm glad you can get back to life with the three of you. He's such a darling little boy!

  8. I think that you guys are more than within your rights to tell them to get screwed. You have complied with everything they have asked and gone above and beyond. When I was a worker, it was very rare to have a family fight for their kids they way you have, but every time they did we had to get behind them. Even those who actually did do something wrong. Given that you guys did nothing wrong and have done everything right since day one, they should get behind you and get out of your way so you can continue to help your baby.

    I have no idea how they would even make the argument that he is at risk or your are abusive given your total cooperation and their willingness to let you leave the state. They cannot be that worried.

    Best wishes on finals! I can't imagine trying to study with this on my mind. I will be thinking of you and your family!

  9. I was referred to your blog by Amalah and am rooting so hard for you, JP and Landon! I can't believe this horrible limbo situation that you are going through and am sending great thoughts to you that this ends very soon.

  10. I think Swim Mom is right- you're too intelligent and DCFS doesn't know what to do when people aren't going all "Jerry Springer" on them!

    I hadn't read your blog in a few days, but I really hoped there would be good news posted on Dec. 5th. I can't believe they are still dragging this out. I only hope that this will get better for you, and that you can focus on what's left of classes, and focus on your family and the upcoming holidays.

    Keep smiling, or at least try to!

  11. The Springfield papers here just announced that somebody named Erwin McEwen has just been named DCFS director.

    Maybe you should call him. New directors are usually more responsive and more likely to be concerned about bad service in their agencies and this investigation, if nothing else, is a poster child for bad service.

    If he's busy, maybe his secretary could give you his e-mail address.
    State agency directors do work for
    us citizens, after all.

  12. Good for you! I'm glad your unnecessary penance is at a self-declared end. I think these people are ridiculous.

    Were I you, I'd graduate law school and get some friendly Texas soil under my feet as soon as possible.


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  14. They really just can't let it go can they? *Sigh*
    But I think they must know they've lost and these are the last convulsions of the beast.
    I hope your test goes well!