Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to Reality

The party was wonderful- the champagne was flowing, the conversation was almost sparkling, and my dress was a big hit. Landon had a great time with his grandparents (or should I say, his grandparents had a great time with Landon), and while JP and I missed his snuggly little self, it was really nice to have some time to ourselves. The plane ride home was his best yet- he fell asleep just before take off and woke up right after the landing. (My last post referred to our flight out there).

Unfortunately, the feelings of peace and relaxation ended when we got home. Apparently Lilly got a little feisty while we were gone and knocked over our tree, smashed our ornaments, and tried to eat the garland. I was so upset- there was an ornament my mom's friend hand-painted for me when I graduated high school that is now in a million pieces. It had survived my many moves and this was its first time to ever be put on a tree. So sad. And the cat didn't look at all sorry. I'm now trying to get unpacked and organized because my sister is flying in to visit tomorrow. She's a college student with underdeveloped standards of cleanliness, but I still want everything to look nice. Besides JP's parents and grandmother are flying in right after she leaves, and it's easier to maintain order than create it. However, unpacking is made a lot more difficult when you have sick and fussy baby on your hands.

Yes, Landon is sick. He's had something of a stomach virus for about 8 days that has resulted in a ridiculous number of dirty diapers and, despite our best efforts, a diaper rash. The pediatrician said it usually takes 10-14 days for a stomach virus to run its course, but now his nose is runny and he's developed a cough. It started before we left but it was just a little one and he ate fine, felt fine, and didn't have a fever, so the pediatrician wasn't too worried (or at least didn't feel there was much we could do besides keeping him hydrated and happy). But while we were in DC the cough got much worse- it's now an awful hacking noise and his chest retractions have gotten a lot more pronounced. The coughing doesn't seem to upset him- although it kills me, he sound so terrible. I tried to get him in to the doctor today, but we didn't land early enough, so we have an appointment Monday morning. He still doesn't have a fever, but he has fewer smiles, more fussing, and an increased need to cuddle (which is pretty much what I'm like when I'm sick). We've each taken a long bath with him tonight because that's the only place he's still happy and relaxed. I'm kind of worried, the cough sounds so terrible, and I hate that we're now terrified of taking him to the emergency room. I hate that this investigation and Dr. K are affecting the decisions we make for our son. I'm sure the ER docs would want a chest x-ray- what would we do when they see the healing fractures? Tell them we already have a lawyer and DCFS investigator and case worker on speed dial?

And speaking of the investigation, I spoke with our in-tact case worker last week. Like our investigator, I'm pretty sure he thinks our case is a waste of his time and resources. He said the parenting class I found at Northwestern on Dec. 20 should be fine even though it's only one day (the classes they contract with are 7 weeks long and don't begin until Jan. 24). He said, "usually our classes are longer, but I think we can think outside the box a little on this case." Thinking outside the box?! Whoah. He's not doing a service intake on us or even opening a file- we just need to get him the certificate from Northwestern and we're done with him. Then we can focus on the appeal.

So it's back to reality. Messy apartment, sick baby, and DCFS. Hard to believe last night I was all glammed up and buzzed on champagne.


  1. friend, i am so sorry that reality is the crashing kind these days. i know landon will be fine, and that one day soon this will be over, and you'll get back to real life.

    in the meantime, a little extra hope and prayers for speedy healing are winging their way to you from austin.

  2. Try SudaCare tabs. Put one in the shower and let it steam up the bathroom and sit in the bathroom with Landon. The combination of steam and the tab may help a bit (Steam alone will help too). Ask the Dr. if he has some sort of call in number just to double-check it's ok for Landon to breathe that in. They also make plug in tabs with menthol. Those might help too.