Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Waiting, with an egg on top

Still waiting for news. Our investigator doesn't work Mondays so the orthopedist was supposed to speak with her yesterday. He tried, but couldn't reach her and is trying again today. I'm starting to think we won't hear anything again this week. If they don't talk until this afternoon or tomorrow there's no way a final determination will be made by the end of the day Friday, they just don't move that fast. Unless it was bad news. I think they could make a bad decision pretty quickly.

[Summary of the long rant I decided not to subject you to: It's absurd that we may go yet another week without knowing the result of this "investigation" and that we still can't relax and can't move on. Also, my aunt has to go home on Saturday. DCFS promised that changing her flight for the second time, to saturday morning, would be safe because a determination would be made. We'll have to interrupt another person's life, fly them up, and live another week under supervision. ARGH! Now, moving on...]

Last night my aunt, Landon, and I went back to our favorite restaurant in Wicker Park- Francesca's Forno. It has an amazing special on Tuesday nights: 3 courses for $21. You can pick any appetizer or salad, any entree (including specials), and any dessert all off the regular menu. My meal should have totaled $34, but it was just $21. The special encourages me to try to riskier, more expensive items. Like my salad. It was field greens, freshly grilled asparagus, lemon vinaigrette, white truffle oil, and, get this, a fried egg on top. You cut it open and the yolk became part of the dressing. It was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. I'm now convinced that anything can be improved by adding a fried egg. Even salad.


  1. Oh F*&(*! I'll rant for you. I'm so sorry to hear this!!! Stupid, stupid case manager! Grrr.

  2. This is ridiculous, and extremely familiar. I used to be a caseworker for an agency that contracts from DCFS in Chicago. {I worked Mondays, and weekends...and the middle of the night when needed... but good luck getting DCFS to do the same.) I used to have to beg to get cases indicated that were truly abuse. Now you are being harassed due to no fault of your own. I am really sorry that you are putting up with this level of incompetence and CYA. I saw your story on amalah's site, and I just wanted to say that I have rarely seen this level of insanity with a family as supportive as yours. I hope this goes away for you soon. You have a beautiful, and obviously well-loved and cared for son. I hope you can find help for his medical issues soon. You deserve help, not harrassment.

  3. I had a salad like that at a bistro that is now sadly gone. I loved it! The waitress cautioned me when I ordered it that it was a runny fried egg. Apparently some people had sent it back. I thought it was wonderful though.

    I am so sorry about your contiued wait.

  4. A big AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH on your behalf, how horrifically annoying!
    They can decide to remove a child in 5 seconds flat but takes them ages to finish up the "investigation"
    Amy has a good point, it has become harrassment.
    I hope this will be over really really soon.

  5. I'm pissy enough to tally up every penny of expenses you, your family and your nanny have incurred thanks to their incompetence and send them an itemized bill. One of my biggest pet peeves is people not doing their damn jobs in a timely manner, especially when their jobs directly effect people's lives.

    I am definitely pro-fried egg. The best burger I've had in my life was at the Hilton Hotel in Munich. They had something called The Munich Burger. I could feel my arteries clogging, and yet, it was so worth it...

  6. I had dinner there in September! It was delicious, but sadly I did not have the salad with the egg on it.

    I'm sorry about your continued wait - so frustrating.

  7. (The point being there was fried egg on the burger. I appear to have omitted the actual point there.)

  8. Swim Mom - Kingwood11/7/07, 5:31 PM

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  9. Oh, Francesca's! How I miss it. I moved from back home to Iowa from the northwest suburbs about 7 months ago, and used to go to Francesca's Campagna in Dundee as often as possible.

    I hope that everything works out in your favor, and quickly! It sounds like Landon has come through all of this so far like a trooper, and I hope that everything is back to normal ASAP.

  10. You totally inspired me to put one on my salad tonight - delicious!

    I got a great persimmon at the farmer's market this weeked, and it went superwell with it and the egg on a greens salad.

    Good luck with the news this week.

  11. I CANNOT believe that this investigator doesn't work Mondays, doesn't return phone calls, and has so little concern for performing her job competently. If I stopped working and didn't return client calls for two days, I'd be fired before the coffee brewed on day 3! I'm appalled that this woman has such power over your lives when she can't even work a full week like the rest of us!

  12. I know this isn't the important part of the post, but hey, you get alot of comments about the important stuff...

    How about pizza? In France, they put that dang ole egg on everyting, and the first thing I leared to say clearly in French when I was a student there was "sans euf, si vous plait" (no egg please - never really learned to spell it.)